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Rule #4: People Do What They Do For A (Good) Reason

Attitude, the direction of your leaning, is all about your motivations and opinions, and more often than not, the opinions are positions at what first appears as the end of the road of thought.  Attitude drives behavior.  So if you want to bring about positive change, you have to get people’s  motivations lined up and…
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When People Click With Company Values

Les Schwab Tires is considered by many to be a fringe benefit of living in the Pacific Northwest. They are known for practically legendary customer service, and have tremendous customer loyalty because of it. Every employee exemplifies the mission statement: “Pride in Performance is the value that drives us at Les Schwab. We take pride…
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With a Flexible Focus, not Fixed, Find Common Ground To Click

When you have completely different values from people with whom you’d still like to have a click, be true to your values and blend with something else. It is almost always possible to find a context for some resonance. You’ll only find it impossible to click if your attention is fixed solely on the differences…
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Emotional Email Has Consequences

Cornell Professor of Communication Jeff Hancock published a study demonstrating how people’s moods show through in the messages they send via e-mail, and instant and text messaging. I’m rapidly becoming a fan of this guy’s work.  He shares my fascination with human behavior, and brings truly interesting things to the foreground of our awareness with…
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Destroy Walls To Get A Group Clicking With Itself

To get a group clicking again after it’s run into a roadblock, you need to eliminate that barrier to success. One of the most effective ways to do this is to leverage the intelligence of the individuals in the group, by having them brainstorm with you about how to remove the roadblock.

Cynicism From Mixed Messages Can Be Undone By Straight Talk

For people in groups (teams, workgroups, departments, companies, boards) there is an inverse relationship between the amount of cynicism in the group and the ability of people to click with each other.