When People Click With Company Values

When People Click With Company Values

Les Schwab Tires is considered by many to be a fringe benefit of living in the Pacific Northwest. They are known for practically legendary customer service, and have tremendous customer loyalty because of it. Every employee exemplifies the mission statement: “Pride in Performance is the value that drives us at Les Schwab. We take pride in our customer service and pride in our employees. As a company we try to incorporate this belief into everything we do.” Employees click with these values, and customers click with the employees.  And if you live in the northwest like I do, chances are good that you could have a Les Schwab story to tell of your own.   Because the company and the people representing the company all click with the values in that mission statement.

Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company, values a pristine environment. When they state what they value, they qualify it like this: “Our reason for being is to make the best product and cause no unnecessary harm. Yet we are keenly aware that everything we do as a business—or have done in our name—leaves its mark on the environment. As yet, there is no such thing as a sustainable business, but every day we take steps to lighten our footprint and do less harm.”

People are driven by their own values to work for a company like this. And when people come together around values, they get each other, and are able to bring out the best in each other. They click.

What are the values that drive your organization?  Your department?  Your team?  Your family?  I’d love to hear your examples, comments and feedback.

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