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Agri Culture

Just got this in my inbox, from  It turns out that the National Academy of Sciences published a study that indicts pesticide use on decreasing crop yields by a third.  Apparently, pesticides are killing helpful soil bacteria necessary for health growth.  Am I surprised?  Not even a little.  We eat organic food whenever possible,…
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A political optimist: Interview with Peter Buckley

Today I had the good fortune of spending some time on the phone with Oregon State Representative Peter Buckley. You’ll be able to hear the conversation as a podcast over the next couple of months. Peter is an amazingly optimistic guy, and he’s been very effective in our state capital in bringing people together from…
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Former mentor makes amazing blog

I just visited the website of one of my old mentors (he wouldn’t care for being called ‘old’, I’m guessing, so let’s be clear, I’m referring to his being an old mentor for me) Tom Peters. I had the pleasure of meeting Tom in the late 1980’s when I was a trainer with CareerTrack, at…
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