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Art of Change was founded with a powerful principle at our core…

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Where it really all began  – R&R Productions – 1981

Hi. I’m Aden Nepom

I’m  a TEDx and keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, podcast host, and award-winning performer, who has taught thousands of executives, industry leaders, and individuals the simple yet powerful steps to communicate well.

My engaging and interactive approach has been praised by my clients, because of my unique ability not just to connect with my audience, but to foster an atmosphere of trust and openness that helps my audiences also connect with each other. 

I combine powerful communication tools with my background in improvisational theatre to bring new communication skills and tactics to life for professionals who care about the work they do, and want to make a positive impact in the world. 

People leave my talks and workshops able and eager to implement what they’ve learned, and enjoy stronger influence, more creative problem solving and deeper relationships with their colleagues.

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How to click with people Dr Rick Kirschner circa 2008


Effective communication for positive change

When my dad founded this company 20 years ago the root idea was simple: everything needed to create positive change in your life, in your health and in the world depends on your ability to communicate effectively.

In a world filled with distrust, disappointment and stress related disease, our health and happiness require of us that we be intentional in our mindset and with our words.

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Change is inevitable. Progress is not. You make the difference.

Our Mission

The founding mission at Art of Change is to make the world a better place by changing how people communicate, collaborate and behave at work.

Why at work?  Many of us will spend as much as a third of our precious lives working. Moreover, when we experience having poor interpersonal dynamics in the workplace it can lead to serious implications for our overall quality of life.

When you fail to communicate your message to decision makers, or fail to motivate your direct reports your stress levels go up and up and up… and we all know what high levels of stress do to us: increased anxiety, deeper depression, and even serious physical illness. 

Because misery loves company, when our time and effort at work feel undermined and undervalued, all of that bad energy in the office can quickly bleed out into our personal lives. When we suffer, our social network, our friends, our loved ones suffer too.

How you communicate effects everything you do.

Creating a positive, healthy work atmosphere for yourself and your employees is where everything starts. Achieving that requires skillful interpersonal communication!

From collaboration to persuasion, conflict resolution and more, our mission is at the root of everything we do. 

We are passionate about helping you, and the people you work with, communicate with each other brilliantly.

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Who do we work with?

Since 2004, Art of Change has worked with high-performing professionals across a wide variety of industries, providing the tools they need to level up critical communication skills. 

Client Testimonials

Just a few of the kind things we’ve heard about Aden Nepom and Art of Change workshops, keynotes and coaching over the years.

“Aden is warm, personable, and genuinely interested in her students, making it easy to jump in and participate fully in her classes right from the beginning and really get somewhere by the end.”

Content Love Knowles
Improv Workshop participant

One of the best decisions we have made. Her personable manner, expert communication training, and complete commitment to the success of our session remains a touchpoint for many of my colleagues. One hesitant coworker, on the way out the door after the session, could not say enough about the training, Aden, and the skills with which she was leaving. This has resonated across the team. Other training from Aden has been requested on numerous occasions. I am a big fan of Aden. If you have the chance to take classes from Aden or work with her on your team’s communication needs, don’t hesitate!

Paul Normandin
Texas department of state health servies

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Aden to anyone facing a life or work change! I first worked with Aden through her Get Unstuck program as I started my first job search in 15 years, then followed through with a personal coaching program that allowed me to get re-connected to my inner motivators and values. Through both experiences, she compassionately helped me navigate through the uncertainties of both the job and life changes I was facing and I am now well-prepared to take each next step towards reaching my goals, both now and in the future.

Brent Chismark
Coaching client

Aden’s “Reason in an Outraged World” workshop was exceptional! When we’re having a difficult conversation, it’s easy to get caught up in our own point of view and judgements we make unconsciously and so risk damaging the relationship with the other person. In her workshop, I learned and practiced ways to have an engaging discussion that will make everyone feel heard and respected – even if they disagree with what I have to say. The result is that I can “see” other points of view without needing to agree with them, value their intent, grow my own horizons and even strengthen those relationships. Thank you, Aden!

Dr. Jürgen Strauss

After years of doing what I was supposed to do, or doing what I was good at but didn’t necessarily like, I knew I needed to know what my values were and what I really wanted out of a job before I took on any new opportunities. We ended up creating a “values” list of what I wanted vs what I didn’t want – and she was great at challenging me when I said things that didn’t make sense! And also knowing that sometimes I have trouble trusting myself, we developed a ‘mantra’ I can use to remind myself to have faith, and take the leap even if I’m scared. The session was 90 minutes, and probably saved me from accepting a job I probably wouldn’t have liked after 6 months. I super recommend the program and her.

Lindsey McGowen
Coahing client

Aden moderated an event at a woman’s weekend I attended. This is a FABULOUS way to have people get to know each other and interact well together. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Stephanie Lifton
Belly Rubs photography
Sarah Kime

Thank you Aden Nepom for this wonderful workshop yesterday. My team and I learned so much and I loved that you created this experience to change the negative dynamic that dominates our daily communication. Every friend, business, board and community organization should take this workshop to better their work and personal relationships.

Sara Kime
Glen Arbor Arts center

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