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How do you get the best from your people? How do you foster an environment where your team brings out the best in each other? Individual communication skills are crucial, but true collaboration requires the confidence and participation of your entire team.

Big Ideas Playground from Art of Change
Art of Change Team Building Workshop
Learning new strategies shouldn’t be boring.

Custom Workshops

Art of Change trainings are engaging, interactive, and most importantly immediately useful in your team’s day-to-day communication. Participants get hands-on experience and thought partnership so they can immediately implement what they learn.

Art of Change workshops focus on three areas of interpersonal dynamics and can be customized to address the specific challenges your team wants to solve.

Persuasion skills from Art of Change


The need and ability to influence those you communicate with isn’t just for sales and leadership teams anymore. When stakes are high, everybody benefits from knowing when and how to persuade somebody to listen.

Collaboration training from Art of Change


From playing improv games, to learning new ways to work on something real, collaboration workshops help your team develop psychological safety with each other so they challenge eachother with purpose and innovate together with success.

Learn how to communicate responsibly even through difficult conversations

Conflict Resolution

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it and when sh*t hits the fan, it’s crucial that your team understands how to say it with grace, with respect, and the desired outcome of resolution front of mind.

Years of experience helping you grow

I help business leaders communicate in a way that builds massive trust with people so they can bring out the best in others, get people on board with their ideas, and outperform the competition.

Over the last decade, I have helped thousands of people improve their teams’ communication habits, think differently, and have more fun with each other. My clients come from companies around the globe which include Shriners Hospitals for Children, Dell, Nike, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Uber, and more.
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How can I help your organization thrive?

Whether it’s breakout workshops at an upcoming conference, or a team building event for your company, let’s explore if my  playful, practical and immediately actionable approach is the right fit for your group. Book your free discovery call now!

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