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Learning to be a great communicator is absolutely fundamental 

It shouldn't feel like a chore.

Individual Coaching

Level up your personal and professional communication skills with personalized coaching to bring out the best in others, and yourself.

Best fit for driven, passionate leaders facing tough new challenges.


Team Training

Bring teams together with funny, creative, highly-interactive training programs that enhance your organization’s communication and collaboration

Best fit for remote, in-person, or mixed teams that need a collaboration boost.


Keynote Speaking

Help your audience hone their leadership skills and understand what makes people tick with actionable insights they can bring directly into their workplace.

Best fit for large organizations or event planners seeking engaging professional development tools.


What is The Art of Change?

Change is inevitable. Progress is not. YOU make the difference.

Art of Change creates funny, authentic, and engaging programs for high-performing individuals and teams. Our trainings are customized for each client, and include actionable insights that give professionals the necessary tools to be smart, savvy communicators.

Aden Nepom

Social Dynamics Expert & Award Winning Performer

Aden is an award winning performer, and an improvisational team-building expert. Aden creates fun, safe, interactive learning environments for her clients to develop communication habits that stick!

More About Aden
Aden Nepom, President, Speaker, Podcaster and Coach. Art of Change Skills for Life
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What Our Clients Say

“Aden’s caring and personal approach, along with improvisation background, make for a lively & engaging learning process.”

Dr. Paddy Tawada

“Aden’s “Reason in an Outraged World” workshop was exceptional!”

Jürgen Strauss

“Aden is one of those people who you meet once and you’ll always remember. Her energy and wit hit you like a bolt of lightning.”

Samantha Schack

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