You can have the best ideas in the world, but if nobody hears them, they’re worthless.

Learning to speak with competence and confidence ensures that your ideas are heard

I work with passionate leaders who want to positively impact their work, teams, and organizations. Some seek coaching because they lack confidence, some struggle to communicate effectively, some are just experiencing run-of-the-mill professional burn-out that we all feel at some point in our career.

I equip my clients with skills that build trust, get people on board with their vision, and increase relational influence so they can truly make a difference.

You may be: 

  • New manager who is overwhelmed with how to best support/lead your people
  • An employee tasked with delivering a presentation that feels daunting 
  • Team member who needs to have a difficult conversation with your boss
  • A woman in a male-dominated role struggling to communicate confidently 
  • Someone who has great ideas that keep falling on deaf ears
  • A person who is afraid to speak up, ask for the promotion, advocate for your career
  • Struggling to share your ideas out of fear that your idea will be dismissed

People are not born great communicators.  

You can learn to communicate with confidence, competence, and clarity in the important conversations ahead of you.

Learn how to advocate for yourself and others with authority and grace. 

Coaching with Aden is unique because of the coaching container that includes identifying clear success markers for your work, identifying and moving through what is holding you back.

During coaching, Aden will provide tangible practices that are immediately actionable, allowing you to have the conversation, make the presentation, ask for the raise, or whatever it is you are working to communicate more effectively.

Partnering with Aden will allow you to identify and move through what is holding you back from accomplishing what you want. 

A fit for this type of coaching is someone who is ready to be challenged in new ways to move through blocks and take action. 

If you don’t really want to try something new, are unwilling to be uncomfortable, or are looking for someone to listen to all the reasons you can’t take action, without finding a solution that works, Aden isn’t the coach for you.

Learn to communicate with clarity, purpose, and passion to get more of what you want in your career and in your life.

“I wholeheartedly recommend working with Aden to anyone facing a life or work change! I first worked with Aden as I started my first job search in 15 years, with a personal coaching program that allowed me to get re-connected to my inner motivators and values. She compassionately helped me navigate through the uncertainties of the job and life changes I was facing and I am now well-prepared to take each next step towards reaching my goals, both now and in the future.”

— Brent Chismark

“After years of doing what I was supposed to do, or doing what I was good at but didn’t necessarily like, I knew I needed to know what my values were and what I really wanted out of a job before I took on any new opportunities. We ended up creating a “values” list of what I wanted vs what I didn’t want – and she was great at challenging me when I said things that didn’t make sense! And also knowing that sometimes I have trouble trusting myself, we developed a ‘mantra’ I can use to remind myself to have faith, and take the leap even if I’m scared. The session was 90 minutes, and probably saved me from accepting a job I probably wouldn’t have liked after 6 months. I super recommend Aden!”

— Lindsey McGowen

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