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Why work with us? For starters, our deep inventory of knowledge and experience! We have successfully counseled counsels, executives, managers in large companies and small business owners seeking to improve their lives, relationships and organizations. We are practical in focus, lighthearted in style, smart and fun to work with, and offering a palette of attitudes and behaviors that will change your life, your relationships and your business for the better. Instead of going it alone, or toughing your way through the tough times, you can draw on our three decades of experience and knowledge to give yourself a real advantage.


✓ Reduce stress

✓ Master your reactions ✓ Bring out the best in problem people ✓ End self defeating habits ✓ Become more comfortable and confident ✓ Restore a relationship ✓ Clarify your purpose ✓ Increase your motivation ✓ Get to the issues behind certain ailments ✓ Grow your influence ✓ Improve your leadership skills ✓ Develop a compelling presentation In times of challenge and change