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Having an Interactive keynote speaker means you enjoy an engaging talk, and powerful tools…

Looking for just the right keynote speaker to make your next meeting or event a memorable success? Need interpersonal skills training to take your department, team or organization to the next level? Hoping to deliver lessons in civility to a dysfunctional team, council or board? Then look no further. Seriously. With our interactive keynotes, we have you covered.



Get everyone laughing, and they’ll go back to work with better tools and choices they will actually want to use. When people feel inspired, they are more likely to break bad habits, change their attitudes and behaviors, and move to action.


Aden Nepom’s programs and presentations provide practical solutions to real world challenges, that help motivate people to work more cooperatively, and help better align personal values to organizational goals.


For old habits to be broken and for new skills to be built, it is insufficient to simply expose people to a concept and then send them on their way. True change takes practice. Engage your audiences in the critical discussions and practice necessary to growing new skills. The side-effect? They’ll thank you for giving them an event speaker that is fun, engaging and incredibly helpful!


Innovation is sparked when people are inspired by what they hear, see and do. Any keynote speaker is only as valuable as the outcomes the audience have when the talk is over. Equip your audiences with inspiration, motivation and practice with Art of Change tools and find out what happens when people truly unlock their potential with tools for better communication and better working relationships.

Our Most Requested Topics

Difficult People Workshop - Art of Change

Demystify Dealing with Difficult People

Everyone knows someone who is difficult to deal with, and anyone can use the material in this program immediately to lower stress and improve communication. If you’re frustrated with broken promises and bad behavior, let us take the pain out of dealing with difficult people in this hilariously practical, informationpacked presentation.

Creating a Culture of Belonging

In order for teams to function at peak, every single member of the team needs to feel that they deserve a seat at the table. But being inclusive comes at a cost. Knowing how, when, and in what way leaders open doors to great ideas is a critical function of managing, innovating and collaborating. Creating a Culture of Belonging gives you fundamental tools for creating healthy team dynamics that get incredible results.

When the Customer is Wrong

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “the customer is always right,” more times than you can count on both hands! In reality the customer is often mistaken. But how do you put your customer on the correct path while ensuring that they feel motivated to come back time and again? The answers are surprisingly intiutive, and can even be fun! Learn how to collaborate with your customers, so that they’re motivated to find solutions instead of problems, leaving you looking like the hero!

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    Here’s what people have to say about working with Aden and the Art of Change.

    Aden is professional, fun, smart and cool under pressure. She can handle every part of a speaking engagement: connecting with clients, creating dazzling presentation visuals, organizing her thoughts, being present in the moment with the audience, and following up with individuals afterwards. She’s a pleasure to work with and makes those around her better for it.

    Shana Merlin
    Collaborator & Colleague

    Aden’s caring and personal approach, along with improvisation background, make for a lively & engaging learning process

    Dr. Paddy Tawada DOM, LAc.
    Audience member

    My team and I learned so much. I loved that you created this experience to change the negative dynamic that dominates our daily communication. Every friend, business, board and community organization should take the Reason in an Outraged World workshop to better their work and personal relationships

    Sara Kime
    Audience member