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Audiences absolutely love what Motivational Speaker Aden Nepom brings to events because her talks are relevent, useful and engaging!

As a Keynote speaker, Aden’s unique combination of immediately actionable communication tools, story telling and improv technique provide an engaging, interactive experience guaranteed to elevate the success of your event, and to make a lasting impact on the culture, relationships, and collaborations of your audience members.


Aden’s Most Requested Talks

In today’s workforce, calling listening, influence, persuasion, conflict resolution, and collaboration “soft skills” does everybody a disservice. These essential relationship skills are absolutely fundamental to the success of every organization. That’s why learning how to develop them, shouldn’t be basic or boring! 

Give your audience what they need, with interactive talks that encourage them to engage directly, so they’ll want to use what they learn!

Reason in an Outraged World - Art of Change Workshops

How to Have Meaninful Conversations Even When You Disagree

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Disagreements are going to happen. Your workplace is no exception. With an increase in digital communication, more than ever before we are poised to misunderstand each other’s intent, meaning, and perspectives. Understanding how to move through challenging conversations is a necessity in today’s corporate world. By providing your employees with this skill, you protect and strengthen your company culture, build psychological safety that fosters great work, and increase employee engagement and retention.

Collaboration & Ideation

Everyone wants groundbreaking, disruptive, innovative ideas to rocket their business into the future. But what we know about amazing ideas, is they often show up as surprises. Instead of demanding that your creative people give you their “best ideas,” which can serve as a recipe for disappointment, learn how to create an environment where amazing ideas show up rapidly and effortlessly. Pulling directly from the instant collaboration successes of improv comedy, THIS SESSION IS FUN! More importantly, the Big Ideas Playground will give you techniques you can immediately take and use to ensure you get the highest return on your brainstorming time, make room for world-changing ideas to show up, and leverage the expertise of your people.

Say it like you mean it - Speaking with Confidence - Art of Change Workshops online

Speaking with Competence & Confidence

You can have the best ideas in the world, but if nobody hears them they’re worthless. The good news is that anyone can learn to communicate well by following a simple set of easy to adopt principles. These effortless pointers can help even the shyest, most tongue-tied people to look, sound, and feel competent and confident when pitching ideas, presenting project outcomes, or asking for what you need at work. When people feel empowered to ask for what they need, or recommend a new path, it increases trust between management and staff leading to a happy workforce that trickles into customer interaction, better performance overall, and an increased bottom line.


Embracing Change

TEDx mt. hood salon – joy vs fear

Watch Aden’s TEDx on embracing change. This very personal talk takes you through Aden’s own journey out of limbo and encourages you to identify where in your life you are continuing the patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve you, for fear of the unknown.


Communicating Across The Divide

NMA Leadership Conference 2019

According to recent surveys, the modern workplace can involve as many as five generations under one roof. That’s five different frames of references around communication style, collaboration preference, cultural experience, technology and more, all working together with the expectation of producing successful outcomes. The good news is that great communication doesn’t hinge on understanding the nuance of each generations personal preferences…

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What do audiences have to say about Aden?

My team and I learned so much. I loved that you created this experience to change the negative dynamic that dominates our daily communication. Every friend, business, board and community organization should take the Reason in an Outraged World workshop to better their work and personal relationships

Sara Kime
Glen arbor Arts Center

One of the best decisions we have made. Her personable manner, expert communication training, and complete commitment to the success of our session remains a touchpoint for many of my colleagues. One hesitant coworker, on the way out the door after the session, could not say enough about the training, Aden, and the skills with which she was leaving. This has resonated across the team. Other training from Aden has been requested on numerous occasions. If you have the chance to take classes from Aden or work with her on your team’s communication needs, don’t hesitate!

Paul Normandin
Texas health and Human services

Aden is professional, fun, smart and cool under pressure. She can handle every part of a speaking engagement: connecting with clients, creating dazzling presentation visuals, organizing her thoughts, being present in the moment with the audience, and following up with individuals afterwards. She’s a pleasure to work with and makes those around her better for it.

Shana Merlin
Merlin Works institue for Improvisation

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Aden Nepom Keynote Speaker, Podcaster facilitator and Coach. Art of Change Skills for Life

Aden Nepom 

Aden is an award winning performer, and an improvisational team-building expert. As a Portland based TEDx speaker, corporate trainer, podcast host, and award-winning performer, she has shared her wisdom with countless executives, industry leaders, and individuals world wide. Through her unique blend of actionable communication tools and improv techniques, Aden provides a hands-on learning experience that fosters lasting change in organizational culture, relationships, and collaboration.



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