Share Your Contacts with Your Mastermind Group

Share Your Contacts with Your Mastermind Group

Provide Contacts.

You are less than 5 people from anyone on the planet. You know someone who knows someone who knows someone…

If contacts are not generated at every Mastermind session, it isn’t working right. Every time an idea is generated someone should ask, “who knows someone, who can help?”

People should be willing to provide the names and numbers of needed contacts. There is a section under the Contact part of the Worksheet for Action. This is here if you want to give a contact but you don’t have the telephone number and want to remind the person to call you about such and such.

If you are not familiar with the person being Masterminded and are unwilling to simply hand over names,  help anyway by offering to call the person yourself and get back to the Masterminded person later. Master Masterminders generally bring their Rolodexes and open them freely to their partners.

If someone gives you a name of someone who might assist in your reaching the Masterminded Objective, be sure to follow-up. First with the contact, then with the person who gave you their name. This will encourage them to continue to supply contacts for you because you do act on them and even appreciate it enough to call back and express thanks.

I’ll be back with more in my next post. ¬†Until then, you are most welcome to share your feedback and comments!

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