Prioritize The Results of The Mastermind For Best Success

Prioritize The Results of The Mastermind For Best Success

I’m blogging about how to build and sustain a Mastermind Group for your ongoing Success.  And in today’s post, we’re talking about refining the results of the preceding step of Masterminding.

According to the five stages of change model that I use to teach persuasive communication,  a good plan precedes taking a new action.  And the best plans usually do a great job of identifying ‘the next obvious thing.’

What often happens after a good Mastermind session is that there are so many great ideas generated that some people feel overwhelmed.  It’s not uncommon for some people to take weeks to act on all the ideas they come away with from the group meeting.

You can simplify this, and increase the odds of taking steps forward, by evaluating the ideas as follows.  This is a simple A B and C system.

A = Great Idea will Act or Implement NOW

B = Good Idea will Act or Implement Later

C = Good Idea not scheduled for action at this time

Go through the list of ideas generated at the meeting, and identify those ideas on which you can take immediate action.  In this way, you should be ready to take steps forward.  And taking steps forward is the final step in the process I’m sharing with you.   Back next time with that step.  Meanwhile, your comments and feedback are always welcome.

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