The Big Ideas Playground

Big Ideas Playground: A Brainstorm and Ideation workshop from Art of Change

Fun, Useful Ways to Collaborate & Ideate

Groundbreaking ideas aren’t invented, they’re discovered!

Everyone wants groundbreaking, disruptive, innovative ideas to rocket their business into the future. But what we know about amazing ideas, is they often show up as surprises. Instead of demanding that creative people only give their “best ideas,” which can serve as a recipe for disappointment, learn how to create an environment where amazing ideas show up rapidly and effortlessly.

Registration – $250

Don’t just say it. MEAN it!

Pulling directly from the instant collaboration successes of improv comedy, the Big Ideas Playground gives participants techniques they can immediately take and use to ensure the highest return for brainstorming time, make room for world-changing ideas to show up, and leverage the expertise of team members.

You’ll leave this interactive workshop with:

  • Brainstorming tools to generate surprising ideas quickly
  • Techniques for evaluating ideas fast and well
  • Practice in these skills that is fun, memorable and useful!