On Giving Your Word and Choosing Your Words

On Giving Your Word and Choosing Your Words

Our words have meaning. Our word is our bond. When I’m asked why I blog, (and I do get asked that question more often than you might expect) my answer seems always to come back around to the same thing:  I want to help people gain knowledge, and then turn knowledge into action, and action into wisdom.

Words are my tools, my conspirators in all my work.  And in blogging, words are my method for moving things forward, making progress in your life and in our world.

Think about this:  Well chosen words do so many worthwhile things.  They give each of us access to our own mind – body connection.  They also give us access to each other.  So I believe it is important for people who seek to bring about positive change to be interested in the meaning, impact and influence of the words they choose to use, and the words that come back in return.

When you get right down to it, learning how to listen to the words of others and how to use words to create responses and results is what you’ve been doing your entire life. Over the course of your lifetime,  you’ve certainly heard a lot of words.

I remember the first words I heard in naturopathic medical school.  The class was called Naturopathy 101.  The instructor began by offering to tell us about a natural cure that parents can use when their children get body lice at school.  He said, ” You douse a child in pure grain alcohol, then roll them around in a sandbox.  The theory is that the lice will all get drunk, and throw rocks at each other until they all fall off.”

I’ve learned a lot about words since then.  I’ve learned to be careful with them.  I’ve learned that words which spring from a narrowed mind can polarize a situation, words that carry too much certainty and importance can build a wall,  and words spoken without thought can complicate the true meaning behind the words.  I’ve learned that words that are too serious are often bad for one’s health…as in ‘dead serious.’

I’ve learned that indeed words have the power to heal, to motivate and to inspire right action.  Words stir memory.  They capture pieces of experience.

And I know that your word is your future.  I know that your future depends not just on what words you use to describe your experience, but on you giving your word, and keeping your word.  And today is always the beginning of tomorrow.  Today is the day when you can give your word to the important people in your life.  Today is the day when your word binds you to your future.   That is, if you choose your word, and your words, wisely.

Comments?  Questions?  Care to publicly make a commitment?  You’re welcome to do so here.  Because I’m fairly certain that what happens when you give your word, is that the future unfolds in direct relationship to your level of commitment to keeping it.

Be well,