iPhone 4, Hands On Review

iPhone 4, Hands On Review

In this brief post, I want to share with you my experience with the iPhone 4 from Apple Inc.  But first, a disclaimer.  I’m an Apple share holder.  I bought stock when everyone said the company would fold back in the 90s, because I was certain that there was no way that a company that made such amazing products wouldn’t be around in the future.  It was a risk, and one that continues to reward me.  Nuff’ said.

I do like to be honest and objective in my words and writing. And this review is my best effort to be both.

There’s been a lot of fuss made about an antenna problem with the phone, but it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.  Until now, I had only the reports of my friends to rely on, and none of them had any problem.   And while all cell phones may suffer from some attenuation if you hold them the wrong way, I’ve been completely unable to get the so-called ‘death grip’  to happen on my new iPhone. One can only assume that the media must have had some other agenda, and the same can be said for Consumer Reports’ pitiful double standard.  (What that agenda might be, nobody knows.  Maybe ad revenue?  Maybe trying to stop the Apple juggernaut before it completely decimates all its competition?)  Whatever the reason, it’s a darn shame, but it doesn’t much matter, because the phone speaks for itself.

The phone simply does a better job of making calls!  I can actually use it in my office, something I’ve never been able to do with any other mobile phone.  (My office apparently has a dampening field in the ceiling that, prior to this phone, offered a near impenetrable wall to all cellphones.)

The screen is sharp and clear, shockingly so.  Instead of having to fumble for my reading glasses to look at almost anything, I can often read the print on this screen without them!

The phone is faster at everything.  The camera is amazing, taking sharp pictures quickly and efficiently, and the movie making function (and editing with the $5 app iMovie for iPhone) is effortless and entertaining.  I’ll be selling my Flip camera shortly, as I now have no need for the extra device, the quality of the built in camera is as good, maybe even a bit better.  All my apps now run better, something I particularly appreciate when using the GPS turn-by-turn apps I’ve purchased for my previous iPhone (Co-Pilot and Magellan…now which I use will be subject to whim and nothing more!)

I’ve ordered the free case from Apple using the app designed for just that purpose.  I got the InCase Snapon, as I’m hoping to still be able to holster this phone even after I’ve put the case on, and this one appeared to be the thinnest.

The phone feels more substantial, seems a bit heavier than the 3g and 3gs, though I’m not certain if it really weighs more or simply feels that way based on the new design.  It looks elegant, powerful, and though I’ve been happy with the previous versions I owned, the audio quality seems better too.  Particularly on phone calls, the volume is stronger is clearer.

I’ve been putting off getting my own iPhone 4 until the white ones came out.  But a few weeks back, I decided that it was time to move on from that idea.  Really, what difference does it make?  There are so many cases and coverings that can change the color of the phone now.  Acknowledge, move on!

After trying multiple times to buy a phone from an Apple Store during my travels (each time I found a waiting line, and not enough phones…all this AFTER the media tried so hard to convince people there was a problem with the phone… so much for media credibility!) I tried a different approach and purchased my phone directly at an AT&T store in Southern Oregon.  The customer service was fantastic.  Sarah, the woman who helped me, was friendly, funny, and knowledgeable.

I sold my previous iPhone on Craig’s List.   I got a better price for it than I would have by selling to one of the companies that buys used iPhones, and that sale means my upgrade to the top of the line iPhone 4 will only cost me about $120.   Well worth it!

No question, the iPhone 4 is genius!  Smooth operation, easy to read and look at, fast, functional, and fabulous (and a great remote control for my Apple TV)!  I’d give you two thumbs up, only I’m using them for texting!

Did you get your new iPhone yet?  What’s your experience been?  Your comments are always welcome!

Be well,