Why You Should Make My Business Your Business!

Why You Should Make My Business Your Business!

Short post today, in response to a question I was asked recently by a reporter over the phone.  He asked me, “What is the art of change all about?”

Here’s what I told him, and why I think my business ought to be a part of how you do your business!

I’ve been delivering training programs and speeches for just short of 30 years, while coaching numerous people along the way.  I’ve done over 2500 live presentations in 10 countries, and I’ve made a name for myself by helping others to get better results in their business, their relationships and in their life.   I call my business The Art of Change Skills for Life, because it is a vehicle through which I’m able to help people just like you  to bring about positive change in their lives, relationships and organizations.   I live to serve, and my work is to help you fulfill yourself by being successful with one of the constants of life, change. I can deliver that help whether you’re on your own, part of a team , managing a project or running a business. Now, what I do mean by CHANGE?  Change is a transition from one state to the next.  A condition of uncertainty.  Anytime things change unexpectedly, people tend to go through some degree of discomfort and doubt.  Yet change is happening all around us, all the time.  It’s happening to us.  And it’s happening through us.   It is a constant of life. So it’s ironic that we struggle with it so.

What do I mean by ART:  As I use it, art is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination.  And when you apply art to change, ergo sum THE ART OF CHANGE, progress is the result.

Why is that important for you?   Well, According to Charles Darwin…… it’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.  To thrive on change, we’ve got to move from our reaction to it to a creative response to it.

I’ve been at this, teaching these skills, for almost 30 years.  And I can tell you this.  Change for the better doesn’t just happen to happen and it can be a painful mistake to leave change to chance.

That’s where you come in.  You make the difference.  And that’s why I teach skills for life.  Because if it’s worth learning, you ought to be able to use it for the rest of your life, to help you with all aspects of your life. Questions?  Comments?  Feedback?  Interest in my work?  Please post here, and I’ll respond to the best of my ability.

Now, for a great example of people applying art to change, I give you Tim Kring, who brought us the ‘Heroes’ entertainment vehicle.  He has a cool website called ‘Conspiracy for Good.’  Check it out here. Be well Rick


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