Say It Like You Mean It

Speaking with Confidence & Competence

Even an audience of one needs to feel engaged.

This workshop will give you a few simple, almost effortless pointers for when you are speaking, that help you look, sound and feel competent and confident when you give presentations, audition for roles, pitch to your board of directors, or need to get your team on board with a new direction.

Registration – $150

Don’t just say it. MEAN it!

Whether giving a training, pitching a new idea, requesting something from the board of directors or delivering your first audition monologue to a casting director it goes without saying that when you’re speaking you need to have great presence, tremendous confidence, and be engaging to captivate your audience. But for most of us we feel worried, shaky and foolish when we present ourselves and our ideas to the world.

This workshop will have you speaking with confidence and competence in almost any setting.

You’ll leave this interactive workshop with:

  • Tools to help get your mindset right
  • Ways to engage your audience with your content
  • Practice trying out some new things!