Reason in an Outraged World


Whatever happened to just being reasonable??

This interactive workshop is designed to help you have meaningful conversations with the people you disagree with. If you are tired of feeling burned out and saddened by the charged disagreements you’ve been engaging in, then it is time you learned a better way! While this workshop is designed for better workplace outcomes, the powerful techniques and immediately useful approaches to communicating effectively with people can be applied to all kinds of disagreements… and in a world filled with outrage, you’ll be glad to have these techniques available to you.

Free (for now)

Have Meaningful Conversations with People Even When You Disagree

If you’ve followed any of the psychology or journalism focused on how we form and keep opinions over the last 50 years, (or have interacted with other human beings… particularly online) then you know just how unreasonable reasonable people can be! As we continue spending more time interacting digitally, and less time face to face, now more than ever before we are poised to misunderstand each other’s intent, meaning and perspectives. With the communication of ideas happening with greater frequency in places like twitter and facebook, it is easier now to assume someone is wrong, ill-informed or just a plain a-hole. How can you have meaningful conversations with people under the circumstances? What happens when you hold completely opposing views?

This workshop is designed to help you

  • Navigate difficult conversations with ease and grace
  • Foster curiosity
  • Build trust and deepen relationships