How To Get Rich On The Internet

How To Get Rich On The Internet

Create A Need, Then Fill It
Since the beginning of time and the first records of history, the very human desires for easy wealth , rapid healing and peace of mind have created countless opportunities for hustles and cons. There’s been a rush to meet that need, because nature hates a vacuum.


Call it flim flam. Call it snake oil. Call them liars, swindlers and crooks. If a rose by any other name still smells as sweet, the same can be said for the predictable stench from the low lifes selling the better life. The worst of them seek to maximize their gain by multiplying your losses. The best of them drink the k(r)ool aid and believe whatever they have to in order to say whatever they have to to close the deal and make the sale. This stark fact lives at the root of my disgruntlement about the oldest of cons in the newest of domains.

Hope Is A Hot Item
There’s just no better business than selling hope, because hope springs eternal. And hope comes in three flavors: Get rich quick. Cure what ails you. Find peace of mind!

The circus of super-success is pitching a big tent in a hotel ballroom near you. People will line up by the hundreds, maybe by the thousands, to be a captive audience for the greatest sales pitch of their lives. The sellers will say all the right words at the right time in the right way. And they’ll get the desired response. YES, to the question. YES to the opportunity. YES to the sale, as you exchange money for promises.

They speak in a code. Make millions from home. This opportunity is going to go fast! This is the one you’ve been waiting for! Start your own business. Run your own show.

They’ll tell you. This is the product you’re praying for. It’s good for backache, headache, upset stomach, nerves, anxiety, and your toxic colon. One sniff and all your troubles will be gone. Your spouse and children will thank you.

They use magic words. We’ll make you a rockstar! Have the energy of a teenager. Fulfill your potential! Be young forever! We’ll teach you our tried and true techniques so you can be like us!”

The Method In This Madness
Listen to me. The success of these mind games is no accident. There’s a formula and a rhythm to it.

The music is blaring, the presenters are sharing, and the product tables are staffed by caring believers ready to play their part in making the dreams come true. Everything is choreographed. Everything is controlled. Watch the people jump on command. Watch them clap their hands. Watch them write what they’re told, do what they’re told, buy what they’re told.

Why? Because they are building a yes set! You can see the eagerness, they are so ready and willing to help you in your self-help movement. Then those running the games have their friendly names repeated by long lines of acolytes in a hype industry where the best form of self promotion is “I praise you, you praise me.”

So the seekers buy the pitch, then give the pitch, hoping to get as rich as their mentors.

How The Mighty Have Fallen
The greater the fever, the farther the fall, when the truth breaks through the illusion. The truth? There is no get rich quick, unless it’s a crime. There is no cure for what ails you, healing takes commitment and time. And that spiritual awakening you wish would come true? If they really had it, why would they sell it to you?

Know the truth and it shall set you free. Scams keep you believing you’re on the right track, and the more you’ve invested, the more you come back.

Losers When The House Always Wins
The purveyors of these schemes may represent themselves as prophets, but make no mistake, their interest is in their profits, which come from your loss.

Some of us can afford to take our lumps and keep going. But what of the tired, the poor, those yearning to be free, the wretched refuse on the field of dreams made of such schemes? They throw their last coins into the coffers which are collected by the priests who man the phones and tables in this strange house of worship. Eager to believe, they eventually leave with nothing save their dashed hopes. They lose because they play a game of chance where the house always wins.

It Happened To Me
Why am I writing about it? Because I know what it is to be caught up in the hype, to be told exactly what you want to hear, to be overcome with enthusiasm for the promises painted on the canvas of your dreams.

Lesson learned. Pass it on. I’ve written books and articles, and now blog posts, about how to protect yourself from the unethical masters of persuasion. Maybe my writing can help protect you. But it won’t make you rich. And it won’t cure what ails you.

Great resource websites:

US Dept of Justice site on Internet Fraud

A web site on the latest scams using email and web site technology

Report a Rip-Off

Looks Too Good To Be True website

Better Business Bureau – File a Complaint, it goes on their record!

There are other options too. Blog about it and optimize it for the search engines. When the hype master gets googled, your review will come up.

Or hire an attorney to shut down the bad business and save other people from falling for it.

Tell everyone you know. Post negative recommendations in Facebook, Linked In, Plaxo, and MySpace. Word gets around. In the age of the Internet, eventually the truth gets out.

Oh, and learn these lessons. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. If it promises to cure what ails you, it won’t. And if it promises spiritual freedom for a price, it’s neither free nor worth the price.

How To Get Rich On The Internet.
There’s only two things you need to do.

First, see the Internet for what it is. It’s a series of tubes. No, just kidding.

It’s a context where you can interact with, build communities of, and market your products and ideas to people. But it takes work and commitment. Blog. Connect. Promote. Do the same kinds of things you do in the real world when you have a legitimate product or service to offer. Under promise and over deliver. Be honest when you lack expertise. Tell a compelling story. Offer solid evidence. Make your momma proud.

Second, redefine for yourself what it means to be rich. Money doesn’t make you rich, and it doesn’t solve all your problems. A rich life is a good life, lived on purpose, filled with love and friendship, providing interesting challenges and rewards.

Start counting your blessings along with your sales and signups. Conduct yourself in a way that doesn’t require rationalization and self justification just to be able to sleep at night. Then keep counting your blessings, even when things go badly (and they will!)

And In The End, The Love You Take
If you happen to build a better mouse-trap, food container, energy drink or training program, people may not beat a path to your door, but what goes around comes around. Do right by others, and you’ll do all right. And you might even make a lot of money!

Have you been scammed, teased and parted from your money by businesses promising fame and fortune, or magical cure all products? I’d love to hear your comments about get rich quick and cure what ails you schemes.

be well,