Happy Thanksgiving From Dr. K

Happy Thanksgiving From Dr. K

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It’s been a rough year for all too many of us.  And when bad things happen to good people (like you and me) we must rise to the challenge or stay steady on course in the midst of the buffeting circumstance.  Yet stopping to assess the situation, I hope that you, like me, find that the difficulties don’t exceed the good, and for the most part, it’s still a good case of so far, so good.

Now, as the leaves finish their fall, as days get shorter and temperatures get colder, as we’re drawn inside either physically or emotionally to be closer to that sense of hearth and home, it’s once again that time of year to stop and take stock of what is working, what is rewarding, and what is happening that’s worthwhile in our lives.  It’s a moment to fill ourselves up with what lifts us up and inspires us, to take note that no matter how rough things are, we get more great when we stop to appreciate.  No matter what you’re dealing with, tomorrow always holds the promise of a better day.   But to get there, we must start here, on this day, in this moment, receiving the gift of life that is the present.

I’m thankful for your readership and support!   I’m thankful that this post is the 501st post on my blog.  And I’m thankful for every opportunity you give me to make a positive difference in your life.   Be careful, be wise, and have fun with friends and family, or wherever you are today, have a very happy and gratitude filled holiday!!!

With appreciation and best wishes,