The eagle has landed

The eagle has landed

Travel ain’t what it used to be. Weather delays. Traffic delays. Baggage delays (waiting for it to come, dealing with it when it doesn’t.) Loudspeakers everywhere, their insistent voices demanding attention and compliance. But if you look up and listen in, there are a lot of great people traveling these days.

Today I met a fella whose dad is in the Aviation Hall of Fame. How cool is that? Every flight attendant was polite and helpful. Gate agents, hammered by tired and angry customers as insistent in their own way as the loudspeakers, remained helpful and even pleasant.

I think it remarkable that people whose worklives take place in the airport environment are able to be considerate and friendly at all.

As for the guy who picked my pocket, what goes around comes around. In spite of it all, the Eagle has landed and it’s great to be home!


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