On Being Grateful, Adversity University Blog

On Being Grateful, Adversity University Blog

I’d like to share with you a comment I made recently on the excellent blog, Adversity University, by Stephen Hopson.
This was my feedback to Stephen on a recent post of his that inspired me.


A big smile and warm congratulations to you on all your positive happenings! You are clearly grateful, because you are GREAT FULL!

Great things are happening all the time, there for us to notice, and to fill ourselves up with them. I’ve learned that in the best of times and the worst of times, there is always something to appreciate.

Appreciating what the moment brings is a great place to start. Then we can live will fullness and with heart. Difficult or easy. Big events and small. I’ve learned to grateful, to be great full for it all.

Years ago, a fellow that lived here in my town in southern Oregon by the name of Joe Kogel. He wrote a one-man play based on his encounter with a ‘terminal medical condition’ which, ironically, he survived.

He called this poignant and humorous exposition ‘Life or Depth.’ (His play is listed here among a producer’s work.) And in it, he speculated that all the great moments get together at conventions somewhere in space/time, and talk about where they’ve been, and who let them in. And these become referrals to the other great moments who then make sure to take a moment to pay a visit to those with open minds, open hearts, open doors and open arms.

So taking a lesson from Joe, I treat each moment like it is at least potentially a great one. Because, hey, I want the referrals!

I have plenty of good news to share. But you know, I’ll not do it here, I’ll do it elsewhere. Because more importantly, I just want to share in your good news at the moment! So again, congratulations Stephen! And great blog. Change is inevitable. Progress is not. You clearly understand that it is YOU who makes the difference!”

Do you have good news to share? If so, share it here, or with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Be Well,

Dr. Rick

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