Dr. K Resolves Not To Blog About Resolutions

Dr. K Resolves Not To Blog About Resolutions

Seems to me that most bloggers are talking today about New Year’s Resolutions today.  I’ve decided to forgo that, and today I will tell you why, along with offering you my alternative. 

I don’t make resolutions, I think about goals for the year, imagine achieving them, and then develop the idea of what it means to achieve them in my imagination while I’m working out my strategic approach to fulfilling them.  I do think this time of year is a great opportunity to think about where you’ve been and where you’re going, and what you want to accomplish.  I do think that the future belongs to the change artists, not to the spectators.  I do believe that all things do not come to he (or she) who waits, but to the person that imagines and then takes action.  

This past week, I talked with a young friend about a habit I cultivated in myself years ago (through repetition and intensity) of think it-do it.  In other words, every time you think “I need to…” or “I should…” you immediately take action on it, instead of putting it off for another time.  Because the more you put off, the less likely you are going to do any of it.  

Persuasion skills are essential to thrive in this crazy economy, whether you’re in a big company or a small one, whether you’re self-employed or working for others, whether you’re in sales, management, parenting or getting along with your spouse.   I hope you’re persuaded.  I’m getting on with my goals.  How about you?  Comments are always welcome. 

Be well,