Hear Dr. K’s Interview with Andrea Sittig-Rolf Here

Hear Dr. K’s Interview with Andrea Sittig-Rolf Here

If you missed my interview with Andrea Sittig-Rolf, the mp3 is now available online.  I enjoyed the interview.  She’s sharp, great energy, and excellent at what she does.  Here’s the link.

Interestingly, I interviewed Andrea after the interview!  We spoke at length, and I learned more about her work and her company.  Sittig Incorporated is the creator and exclusive provider of The Blitz Experience®, an activity-based sales training program that empowers salespeople to schedule appointments with qualified prospects the day of the training, resulting in a pipeline full of new opportunities at the end of the day!

If you’re in sales, I think this book could be a game changer for you.     Andrea takes referral marketing to the next level with her proven Ambassador Method.  Power Referrals teaches her step-by-step process of winning over and deploying an army of referral-givers that go out and actually do the selling for you–freeing up the time you need to grow your business.  Hmm.  Sort of like what I’m doing now!  She tells me that every chapter ends with a link to online bonus material, too.  Use the button to get the book on Amazon.com. 

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