Conclusion for Facile Facilitators

Conclusion for Facile Facilitators

We’ve been exploring a few easy pieces for facile facilitation.  And now that you know about all the pieces, it’s time to bring it home.  Because in facilitation,

It Ain’t Over When It’s Over

Just as individual clients need some follow up in order to make specific changes in their lives, so do groups need some follow up to keep the meaning and value of the meeting alive.  You can provide this follow up by doing the following:

Make a record of the meeting.  Take flip charts pages and type them up, adding notes where needed to make things clear to those who did and didn’t attend.  The sooner you get to this, the easier it is.  Some of the best facilitators take a first pass at this before even leaving the room.

Send a one minute executive summary to everyone who attended, and to everyone involved in decision making around the meeting’s results.

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