72 Hour Book Event for Sales Managers – Salespeople into Sales Champions

72 Hour Book Event for Sales Managers – Salespeople into Sales Champions

CoachingSalespeopleintoSalesChampions In my executive coaching practice, I help my clients develop their natural talents and build on their strengths. Time and again, I’ve witnessed the payoff in the client’s life, as they take their natural ability and use it to excel, to achieve, to fulfill their ambitions and dreams.  It’s a wonderful thing to be able to do for people.  And in business, particularly in sales,  it’s increasingly essential.

Today, I want to tell you about a book by fellow author Keith Rosen that can help you to do this with others.  If you’re a manager, you really ought to read this.  And if you’re not, you really ought to get a copy for your manager, immediately!  (You’ll be appreciated, and you’ll appreciate the difference it makes in how you’re treated, too!)

I think the world of Keith’s work, and I enjoy talking with him and learning from him.  Here’s a link to an interview I did with him some months back.

The Sales Manager’s Dream – Developing a Team of Champions

While sales managers may dream of developing a team of champions, only a select few have been able to truly realize the goal and enjoy the benefits that follow.

It’s not that sales quotas aren’t being achieved; they’re just being done at the greater expense of the managers’ time, resources, peace of mind and energy. And therein lies the difference between the manager and the coach. Great managers realize they first need to learn how to coach their people to the top and develop that missing discipline of leadership.

Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions by Executive Sales Coach and author Keith Rosen is the essential playbook that executives, managers, and business owners need in order to make the transition from manager to an executive sales coach. This book will show you with great detail how to get your salespeople to bring in more sales, how to quickly turn around or terminate an underperformer, and how to integrate a proven, step-by-step internal coaching model to most effectively maximize your team’s natural talents and strengths. Now you can break out of survival mode and focus on helping the company thrive.

If your marketplace has changed, then you need to change with it. Einstein said it best.

“The level of thinking that got us here is no longer enough.”

Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions takes into account the many pressures facing management today. It offers a framework for thinking and behaving in new ways that will harness the true power managers possess and show you how to use that power to achieve your objectives. The incorporation of the core principles and strategies of the executive sales coach into your leadership style will cause a shift in the way you manage and how your people think, act, and produce results.

Keith mentioned that it took him over two years to write this award winning book; his response to all the problems and challenges he’s helped managers, coaches and business owners get through when coaching them on building not just a winning team but a team of individual winners.

Here’s another thing that stood out in Keith’s book. Rather than fill the book with fabricated case studies and hypothetical scenarios, every story you read is based on actual events, genuine scenarios, and real people you can relate to who Keith has actually coached.

You’ll discover how to facilitate a coaching conversation that fits your management style—the same system Keith uses to coach thousands of salespeople, business owners, and managers. You’ll also find out what to say in just about any situation, as well as the language and dialogue that the world’s greatest coaches use. There’s also dozens of actual case studies spanning over 15 different industries and professions, templates, scripts, masterful coaching questions and an easy-to-follow coaching process regarding how to apply these techniques.

Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions dispels the common managerial myths and exposes the self-sabotaging behavior managers unknowingly engage in that prevents positive change. This book will be a resource that you can reference daily. It won’t take long before you have a book that’s loaded with Post-it Notes and wrapped in a cover that refuses to stay shut.

So, have a highlighter and a notepad handy and get ready to begin your journey into coaching that is sure to protect and maximize the value of your company’s greatest asset: your people. Coach your salespeople to become the sales champions they can and want to be.


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