Masterminding Your Success – Life Skills

Masterminding Your Success – Life Skills

BmanBkgrd_3Today, I begin a series on the topic of Masterminding and Mastermind Groups, one of the best ways I know to accelerate your success in life, at work and in your relationships.  If you’re familiar with my coauthored book, ‘Life By Design,’ then you’ll remember the term ‘Life By Design’ partner.  There’s great synergy possible when two or more people put their heads together in pursuit of a better life.  Masterminding takes this to the next level, by involving more people.

What is Masterminding?

Put simply, masterminding is a powerful approach to brainstorming, problem solving and goal achievement that has been around for centuries.  It is what takes place when a group of people agree in a committed way to utilize the synergetic advantage of ‘all of us are smarter than any of us,’  to help each person in the group do better than they might on their own.

Just as a stick is stronger when it is wrapped in a bundle of sticks, and many metal alloys are stronger than individual metals, in the same way human beings can grow stronger in their individual pursuits by putting their heads together.   Different people, different backgrounds, different understanding of life and business, all thinking together for their mutual success with a focus on finding next steps and taking action, and each person can go to a whole new level of capability.

There’s a person I know who loves to play electric guitar.  He owns five guitars and several amplifiers.  He would like to turn this interest into a music business.  That’s a nice idea.  But the problem is, it’s not enough to have some equipment or an idea.  He may not know what to do, how to do it, or where to start.  How will he finance it?  Who will he market to and how?  How will he deal with taxes, equipment, office supplies, and cash flow?  And he may be unaware of the music superstore that’s ten miles up the road, or how that could impact his business.  He may not know the importance of differentiating himself from his competitors.

He may not know these things, but if he is part of a mastermind group, he has access to the synergetic advantage. His mastermind group can help him find the way forward.   In a group where people agree to give their best to each other, the potential is limitless.

Masterminding works wonders, but you have to know how it works to succeed at it.  In my next post and posts that follow, I’ll talk about the origins and elements of effective masterminding.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear about your experiences with masterminding and brainstorming in general.

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