Influence & Persuasion

A 4-part workshop series to help you up-level your skills

You want them to do more than just say ‘yes’ to your great ideas. You want them to get excited.

Tired of watching bad ideas win out over better ones? Expand your reach and vision beyond the boundaries of your own efforts! Achieve your objectives with the assistance of others! Develop your skill, confidence and determination, as you explore the amazing designs and practical patterns found in the art of persuasion!

Learning Outcomes:

Become more confident and persuasive with others.

Reduce stress and increase personal resilience.

Remove obstacles standing between you and your goals.

Gain the tools to tackle difficult but necessary conversations.

Improve your partnerships in business and at home.

Enrollment – $547

Part One

Getting focused. Building your foundational understanding of how influence works, and what you need to do on your end before you make the pitch, start the negotiation, or begin your presentation.

Get your mindset right, and develop a crystal clear persuasion proposition:

What do you want from them?

Why they should care?

What do you know about them?

Part Two

The second session in the series is all about why building trust quickly matters and how to do it.

This includes:

Finding The Acceptance Zone

Listen to go Deep – Highest quality information in the shortest amount of time

Part Three

These are the coveted, highly effective Secret Persuasion Principles that can make or break your ability to influence people.

5 Stages of Change

7 Persuasion Signals

9 Information Gates

Part Four

This last session is all about understanding Motivation (yours and theirs). Without this you might be able to get people to say yes, but will you be able to count on their action taking…or yours?