Consumer Reports Loses Even More Credibility

Consumer Reports Loses Even More Credibility

To be effective as a consumer watchdog, you have to be credible.  Indeed, credibility is the currency of trust with consumers, so any outfit that represents itself this way must hold itself to a very high standard of remaining factual and accountable.   The success of their persuasive efforts depend on this.

Consumer Reports had already squandered some credibility with thinking people before their neg review of the iPhone 4. They’ve been wrong on a number of consumer issues, from car seats and auto ratings to investments to supplements and diets, and each time they lose a few more discerning consumers as a result.

Now they’ve really lost it.  First, they call it the best smartphone ever.  (SO does just about everyone that has one!)  Then they say they can’t recommend it unless Apple offers a free fix for a problem that every other cell phone has.  Apple has done exactly what they said Apple needed to do.  CR says they still cannot recommend it.  Never mind all the dropped calls and signals on other phones, never mind the problems associated with cell phones and smart phones in general.

No, they choose to have this problem with Apple, the most innovative and successful company in America.  And why?  It’s not about the phone, folks. Indeed if you want the facts, you’ll find them right here and here.

It’s about their need for attention.  Because panning a popular device that is devastating it’s competition in this economy  draws attention to themselves.  And that’s now the way of things. Bad behavior draws attention these days better than quality, than consistency, than functionality, than creativity.  (And when it comes to the internet, there’s even a name for this behavior…’hit-whore.’  That’s when you make false claims that draw attention to your site.)

Maybe their mixed messages will influence people unable to think for themselves, but with everyone else, I think they have sealed their fate as obsolete and out of touch, and not far behind them, the credibility of all the me-too reporting from the mass media.  All you have to do is get your hands on the new iPhone, even for a few minutes, and you’ll see for yourself what the truth is.  All the negative propaganda in the world can’t hide the truth.  Not even when the whole media picks up the meme and carries it on.  Eventually, truth will out.

When CNN  and other so-called news outfits call Consumer Reports ‘influential,’ they must be referring to CR’s ability to influence the media in such a way as to make a mountain out of a molehill of bad reporting and analysis. Not sure who is paying whom to try and sabotage an amazing product, but it won’t work, the truth will out (best phone ever, and it works just fine for just about everyone, for everyone else, Apple has offered a simple solution…return it if you don’t like it, or put a free bumper or case on it.

I’m downright disgusted with what has become of journalism in my lifetime. Used to be, CNN had some credibility. Of course, it also used to be that news wasn’t meant to be entertaining (the SITUATION ROOM!, give me a break!), but informative.  Used to be, journalists dug deep, got the facts.  Now what is it?   Generalizations. Distortions. Deletions. Self fulfilling prophecy and spin.   I get why they’re doing it.  And I say, shame on the lot of them.

But enough of that!  Instead, go enjoy this video, The iPhone Antenna Song.  It tells it like it is, and it’s catchy, too!   Your comments on this post are welcome as always.
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