Something To Ask, Something To Share – Persuasive Communication and Life Skills

Something To Ask, Something To Share – Persuasive Communication and Life Skills


Wishing you a SUPER Thursday!  This is a bonus post for the week, and it includes something to ask, and then something to share.  Let’s start with the ask.

If you know someone who might find benefit from connecting to my work via this blog, please help get the word out about it.  It is my desire to create something here that is of real benefit to many, and I depend, in my speaking, training, coaching and blogging, on your goodwill and referrals to keep my business healthy and growing.

Now to the share, in two parts.

I received an email yesterday from Spain, from a reader of my coauthored  McGraw Hill book ‘Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: How To Bring Out The Best In People At Their Worst.’

It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers, but in this case, a particular pleasure.   The message is very polite in tone.  I do not speak Espanol, but my wife does, and she translated it for me (I’ll share that with you in a moment).

At the same time, I heard from a friend who is visiting Italy, and he discovered that someone there is putting my work to good end in her work with refugees.

Here is that first message, in Espanol, followed by my wife’s translation.

Mi nombre es Fran y escribo desde Valencia, España.Es un autentico placer para mí escribirles, poder felicitarles personalmente por su obra y darles las gracias por brindar la posibilidad de adquirir sus libros para todos aquellos que nos dedicamos a las ventas.Me ha resultado muy ameno, sobre todo con sus prácticas conversaciones, y les animo a que amplien con más obras todos sus conocimientos y experiencias.  Gracias también por facilitar su email, para que de esta forma, podamos compartir directamente con ustedes nuestras opiniones y sugerencias.
Un saludo.
Fran Martinez – (Valencia)  España

My name is Fran and I write from Valencia, Spain.   It is my genuine pleasure to write you,  so I can congratulate you personally for your work and to thank you for providing the possibility to acquire your books for all those who want to buy them.   It’s an enjoyable read, especially the practical conversations, and the spirit of it that broadens the work with your knowledge and experience.  Thank you also for providing your email, in this way so we can share directly with you our opinions and suggestions.

Francisco Martinez (Valencia) Spain
Pretty cool, huh?  Francisco, thank you so much for taking the time to write, it really made my day!
Here’s the message I received on Facebook from my friend, David Zaslow, currently vacationing in Italy with his family.
hi from italy. rachel just arrived. she is friends with a ugandan nun. the nun was having a problem with a major financial donor to her amazing project with ugandan refugees. bottom line – after some challenging moments with this person rachel walks into sister rosemary’s room that night and guess what? sister rosemary is in the middle of reading your book. jut thought you’d like to know how far your work reaches. love, david

Wow.  Loving it!    I wrote back to David that apparently what they say i s true, that ‘wherever there’s trouble, I’ll be there!’

I love hearing from people who’ve found value in any of my work, just as you like hearing words of appreciation for the value that you contribute to others.  So if you have a comment for me, please feel free to post it here on my blog, or send it to me in an email.  Thanks, and I’ll be back with a new post tomorrow.

Be well,