It’s My Birthday, Here’s Your Gift!

It’s My Birthday, Here’s Your Gift!

September 26, 2008 Dr. Rick's Blog Archive Popular 0

September 27th (tomorrow) is my birthday (59, the last year I get to celebrate not being 60!) and in spite of the deteriorating economy and tightening (rhymes with frightening) national belt, I’m in a generous mood. So for my birthday, please claim your gift. Go to, because your free gift is waiting there for you right now. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this offer, please do. I really want you to have this.

Dealing with People You Can’t Stand

The gift comes in two parts, an immediate part and an ongoing part. First, listen free to my $49 one hour audio program on Dealing With People You Can’t Stand. You’ll learn what works and doesn’t work with pushy, negative, disruptive and vague people.

But the best part? You’ll receive a free course in persuasive communication, consisting of 14 two-minute tune-ups with easy to follow action steps, delivered one every other week for six months, to help you improve your persuasive skills. Did I say gift? Yep! Free? Yes, free! So what are you waiting for? It’s my birthday, and your gift! Visit

Best wishes,