Dr. K’s Newest Rock n’ Roll Single A Huge Hit!

Dr. K’s Newest Rock n’ Roll Single A Huge Hit!


Dr. K’s new album ‘No Stone Unturned 2’ is out, the reviews are pouring in (see below) and one of the songs is on its way to Platinum!  And we’ve got it for you, boys and girls, an advance copy of the exciting new rockn’ roll hit single ‘Baby Baf,‘ right here.

While you may know Dr. Rick Kirschner as a speaker, trainer, coach and blogger, you may not know that he’s been a performing musician for many years. 


We won’t say how many, because we don’t want to undermine his credibility with the youth demographic.  We’re also hoping that all those who remember him from his youth have now aged to the point where they no longer recall or never found him memorable in the first place.  Suffice it to say that Dr. K is not as old as Mick Jagger or as uncomfortable to watch as Barry Manilow.  

His vocals are sometimes described as strained, reaching, and still leaving something to be desired.  

Now, after all these years of paying his musical dues, and gaining a gut-level understanding of what it means to ‘live the Blues,’  Dr. K’ has done it again. His parent company, The Art of Change LLC, which owns the rights to all of his previous songs, poems, CDs, interactive CDs, and betamax videos,  is pleased  to announce that his latest musical endeavor is now available online. It’s called ‘Baby Baf,’ and it’s one megabyte of classic rock and roll pleasure, filled with mystery, ethos, mythos and pathos. It’s a real toe-tapping crowd pleaser too.

Artists like Dr. K – who goes by the nom de plume of Rockn’ Ricky when performing as a musician – are working hard to bypass the boring homogenous pablum produced by the big labels,and bring their musical pablum directly to the people. And not just because they don’t have a recording contract, either!   “This is my way of giving something back to the fans,” says Dr. K.

Rave Reviews:

Fans have endured more than five years of rumors and anticipation awaiting the release of Rockn’ Ricky’s new album, No Stone Unturned 2.  In the months leading up to this release, there were concerns that this would be a purely experimental work that would rip fans’ hearts out by the arteries, veins and capillaries.  

They have nothing to fear.  Based upon the first single from the album, “Baby Baf,” fans will be alternately thrilled and chilled as they brace themself for the remaining tunes.  But listen to it in the context of the entire album, and it becomes rapidly apparent that this tune is an anomaly, a fresh offering from a musician who is clearly unashamed.

-Rollingtone Magazine

Rockn’ Ricky has already proved adept at creating ultra-scratchy tunes that showcase his vocal chops and rock posturing.   But ten years after scoring the Know Prize for his debut album, “Tacky Marsh Law,” and three years after his 2006 debut of “Electricity Has Failed,” bestselling author, speaker and recording artist Ricky Kirschner ups the musical ante with a bizarre 13 song rock collection of lyrical jewels embellished by colorful and unusual textures that will get a response from even the most hardened music fan.

– Billbored Top 50

Playing his brand of no-holds-barred instrumentals and vocals, Rockn’ Ricky once again explores the art of music-making with the exuberance of a keyed-up toddler. He provides the bass, the rhythm, the lead, and the lead vocal, combining these tracks into an exploration of the outer and inner reaches of the human soul.  Sometimes funky, sometimes quirky, always astonishing, Ricky’s tune has a natural quality that springs forth from pure naivety.  

-Lyric Scrawler

The album is incredibly hard to find already, but the lead tune, Baby Baf, is available exclusively online.  You can download the MP3 file and share it with anyone you want to, but you better not wait!   The song will only be available for a limited time. Click here to listen now!

Meanwhile, Dr. K will be back with his helpful ideas, insights and commentary in a couple of days.