Change Is Gonna Come (to Dr. K’s Blogging Schedule)

Change Is Gonna Come (to Dr. K’s Blogging Schedule)


No, wait, that’s a little hyperbolic.  The fact is, I’ve got an announcement to make. May I have your attention?

When I started this blog, I was advised to focus on a very narrow niche.  Yet my ambition in life is to help  good people make a positive difference in their personal and professional lives.  I just could not limit myself to only the business context while ignoring the personal, or visa versa.  Nor could I ignore the role of politics as it touches on persuasion, or issues like healthcare as they touch upon my knowledge and passion.  And though some told me at the outset that I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to keep it going after the first few months, it turns out that this blog has become one of my favorite places to express myself.

FACT: Dr. K’s ‘Persuasive Communication and Life Skills’ blog has been up and running since July of 2007.

That means we’re more than two years old!    I’ve already got close to 500 posts up, after maintaining a posting rate of three posts a week for virtually the entire duration of the blog.  There are currently 777 comments on the blog, and I’ve appreciated every one of them, along with the email I’ve received the twitter and facebook responses I get regarding my posts.

During the previous year alone, I continued blogging while writing and editing my next book, kept posting while I travelled around the country giving speeches and seminars, kept posting while I mourned two major losses in my life, and kept posting while I developed several online resource sites.  I also kept posting while I started microblogging/tweeting (about 1200 updates to date) and building my facebook and LinkedIn communities. Through it all, I’ve focused on delivering useful content for you, on topics that engage you, encourage you, educate you in ways that help you make a bigger difference in your work, in your home, and in our world.

I feel good about the impact I’ve been able to have by blogging.  I hear from people regularly via email and phone calls on my feedback line that the posts have been specifically helpful in all kinds of challenging situations.  I hear from people literally all over the world who have found my writing helpful.  And a few of my posts actually moved people to write their own thoughts openly where others could read them and comment on them (thank you for the comments!)

And the blog has been good to me, too.  I have made more than a few new friends and business acquaintances as a result of the blog, some of whom have been incredibly helpful to me in keeping it going and staying inspired about it  (J.D. Meier from and Steve Kayser from )

Yet the pace of posting 800 to 1500 word articles three days a week is intense.  In a pattern quite familiar to me, I chose doing too much over doing too little.  And in doing too much, I think I missed the sweet spot.  My business is the art of change, and a time has come to make a change with my blogging habit.  After carefully weighing my other responsibilities vs. time available for blogging, and measuring the amount of participation and response I get to my writing, I suspect that quantity has interfered with the perception of quality in what I write about.   On many occasions, I’ve been told by readers that I’m posting too much content too quickly, and that the blog would be of greater service to you if I slowed down and gave you time to catch up.

That’s what I’m going to do.  Starting this winter, I’m slowing the pace down to a minimum of one post a week.  If I have more to say, I’ll do extra posts, but you can count on me for at least that one post a week for the forseeable future.  I hope this leads to more participation.  You’ll have a week to digest the posts and discover if you have anything to say about them, or questions about the topic of the week that you’d like answered.

I’m open to your ideas and suggestions for articles.  If you have an interest in being a guest blogger, write to me and let me know and I’ll consider it.  And if you find anything in the archive that you’d still like to discuss, comment on or ask questions about, by all means do so, as I’ll continue to respond to your comments as quickly and usefully as I can.

In fact, your comments about this change are most welcome!  I’ve got some great articles/posts in store for you, and I hope you’ll subscribe to and participate in the Persuasive Communication and Life Skills blog in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Be well,