Interview with Peter Buckley

Interview with Peter Buckley

Here, as promised, the first part of a four part interview with Oregon State Representative Peter Buckley, the Majority Whip representing my district in southern Oregon, District 5.

Why Representative Buckley? Why now?
Because we’ve been talking about political inconsistency, and Peter is one of the most consistent people in politics I know. If he says he’ll do something, he’ll move heaven and earth to get it done.
When first elected, he walked into a polarized situation and worked diligently to turn it around. Talk with people in the state capital and they will tell you that this friendly and enthusiastic guy is incredibly persuasive and gets results by bringing out the best in the people around him. In government, that’s no simple task.
Listen, learn and enjoy, and I’ll put up the next part of this interview in my next post.

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And now, Peter Buckley!