Who Won The 2nd Presidential Debate? Obama Takes It!

Who Won The 2nd Presidential Debate? Obama Takes It!

The 2nd Presidential debate is over.  The 24 hour news channels and opinion makers in the papers held two views about how this would play out.  First, that McCain was going to go hard on Obama’s character.  Second, that McCain would do better than Obama in the town hall format.  Pundits were wrong on both counts.

In my opinion, Obama walked away with this one.  It reminded me of the Nixon Kennedy debate.  McCain, as Nixon, seemed uncomfortable and old, walking aimlessly around the stage when Obama was talking, then talking in disconnected phrases and ending most of his sentences and statements by making promises that ‘I know how to fix it.’   Obama was cool, coherent, and stayed on message, only pausing to parry McCain’s frequent jabs when he thought they might have connected.  

And that’s all the debate analysis you’ll get from me tonite.  Unless, of course, I hear from you!

Comments are welcome.  Topic:  How persuasive were the candidates for you?

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