9-11 Is A Good Day To Hold Candidates Accountable

9-11 Is A Good Day To Hold Candidates Accountable

In honor of the memory of those harmed by the terror attacks of 9-11 (which includes all Americans and anyone in the world that cares about the future of humanity) Barack Obama and John McCain have called a so-called truce in their televised ad campaigns. But on a day off from the advertising blitz, it seems a good day to take on the distortions and lies of one campaign in particular. The shamefully dishonest McCain-Palin Presidential Campaign.

I’m a political moderate, conservative in some things, progressive in others, just like most people in America I think. I was excited to see a campaign between McCain and Obama, because I thought we’d have a real chance to choose between competing visions of how to bring our country together in a time when there is so much difficulty, division and fear in the world. A chance to compare their styles. A chance to compare the substance of where each candidate takes a stand. A chance to reconsider how we got here and how best to go forward from here.

Sadly, I’ve come to the conclusion that John McCain has broken his promise to run a campaign of integrity and decency. Instead of the maverick who goes his own way, he’s now consistently choosing the path of expediency and the Machiavellian (Karl Rove’s hero) do-anything-to-win approach that has become the hallmark of the last few Presidential campaigns. In many ways, I think McCain has taken this approach to a whole new level of distortion and depravity, and in so doing, is an utter disaster and complete failure in the integrity and honesty department. People to my right may disapprove of my saying this, and people to my left may happily embrace what I’m writing here.

So what? I make it not for or against the people to my left and right, but because blogging is what I’m left in order to do what’s right when I see something I believe is terribly wrong. And I believe McCain is in the wrong when it comes to sending the right message about his candidacy.

To make this point and emphasize it, I offer you the following video.


I will continue to speak out about this as opportunities present themselves. This blog is about making a positive difference using persuasive communication. My Mom used to say that you can learn something from anyone. What do to. What not to do. When I talk about the campaigns, I think you have a chance to learn about both.

I’d love to hear your comments. May the memory of the events of September 11 inspire all of us to stand against wrong and work harder in whatever small ways are available to us to set our world right. We will live in the tomorrow we create today with our choices.