What’s your story?

What’s your story?

What’s your story?

It’s common in my coaching work to hear my clients tell their stories as if their stories are actually describing something that really happened. Yet I know that memory, no matter how sharp, is selective by nature, and that conscious memories only scratch the surface of underlying experiences.

What really happened? To answer that, you may have to start a fresh story from where you are. Where are you? Here you are. This is it. The beginning of another story.

Seems like everything else is a story we make up about this and it, whatever this and it actually are. Who decides what the story will be? You do. Who decides what events mean? You do. Who puts the story together? You put the story together. What gets left behind? Anything that doesn’t fit in the story, I guess.

Story tellers, the good ones, make important connections for their listeners and readers. But in the stories people tell about limitations and missed opportunities, their selective system for paying attention may cause them to miss the most important connections. That’s one of the benefits of talking to someone other than yourself when working on your story! Maybe that someone else won’t be blinded by your story.

What’s the real story? Here you are. This is it. You take it from there.

Your story is important. It says things about your values, your direction, your fears, your needs, and your hopes. Learn about yourself from your story, and use what you learn to make a better life for yourself.

One story that makes a lot of sense to me is that we are all hypnotized by our experiences, and that whenever we start to wake up from those trances, we feel confused. Lucky, then, that confusion can be a doorway to new realities and breakthroughs in self discovery.

I’m an author of books and audio programs. And I’m an author of this blog. But beneath it all, I am the author of my story.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  Just as you are the author of your story, whether you know it or not, when you know it and when you do not.   And if you didn’t know it before, well maybe you’re realizing it now.

You are not your story, or your thoughts about your story. You are the author.  The artist. The creative being who contemplates a blank page or a blank canvas of near infinite possibility. Tell a story worth telling. Good days and bad days don’t exist until you say they do when telling your story. Have a great day!

Be well