What makes self-persuasion effective?

What makes self-persuasion effective?

January 7, 2009 Dr. Rick's Blog Archive Persuasion 0

Continuing on from my previous post…We’re examining the idea of self persuasion, in its remedial and generative forms.

When that old stuff comes up, and it does, I choose to breathe into it, to feel my feelings, and then to find out what my feelings are saying to me about what is true, what fiction they are wrapped around from a childish moment in my life when I didn’t know enough to interpret accurately or be resourceful yet, what I persuaded myself to think and feel when I didn’t know any better, and then to tell myself the truth as I know it to be now and feel that in the same place in my body.What’s the truth?

The truth is that one of my favorite things to tell my clients is that i’m about to tell them ‘the’ truth. The truth I refer to here is what you can know for sure, no matter what, and it changes from situation to situation. In this situation, in most situations, the truth is, always is, always was and always will be, this is it, it is what it is, it ain’t what it ain’t, and that’s how it is.

To the person who feels anxious about their place in life, or thinks they don’t deserve to be happy, or deserve to receive good from the world around them (and that’s more people than you might realize, might even be you!) the truth I tell is that you are no less deserving than anyone else. Not more deserving either.

Ultimately, you get what you are willing to receive. I am open to receive all the good that people, that life, that the universe itself wants to give me. And the fact is that receiving it is my gift to the universe, because there is no giving without receiving, and it is more enjoyable to give than to receive!

Oh, and the truth is that my receiving doesn’t disadvantage anyone else. There’s more than enough of the good stuff to go around, but not enough people ready or willing to enjoy it when it comes. I volunteer. I say to the good stuff, “Over here! I’m willing!”

In my next post, I’ll bring this back around to you, and how it applies to the current economy. Your comments are always welcome. 

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