Positive Change: 5 Simple Ways to Thrive in Tough Times

Positive Change: 5 Simple Ways to Thrive in Tough Times

This time of change promises to be a bumpy road. Instead of stressing out, how can we ride the waves, weather the storms, and help each other out? This is a common question for people that want to create positive change.

In my work over the past 22 years, I have developed a sense for what helps people that want to leverage the power of change. This is a part of the foundation for The Art of Change Skills for Life™

Here are five simple introductory rules I’ve found to help people that want to change their personal and professional lives for the better.

1. Expect Waves of Change
It is the nature of life, and thus our nature as well, that change is inevitable and irreversible. You are a verb, not a noun! In every moment, change happens within, around and between us, and every change produces more change. Instead of foolishly trying to avoid the inevitable, anticipate it and embrace the opportunity of it.

2. Brace Yourself
Your ability to roughly discern the rules by which the universe operates is what differentiates you from all other living creatures. You gain leverage to make tomorrow different than today by understanding and applying these principles of change through the courage of your convictions.

3. Focus Forward
Since uncertainty is a growing trend, keep your focus forward and your eyes on the horizon, by regularly asking big picture questions that create “What If” scenarios. This type of activity will help you generate new ideas while cultivating your sense of ownership over the process of change.

4. Catch the Wave
Side effects are far more influential than direct effects in producing change, yet they remain largely invisible. Like watching a flower open, you need to include the element of time to see what’s happening. To make the invisible visible, watch the trends. In this way, you can see the waves before they arrive and position yourself to catch them. Waves arrive in a sort of punctuated equilibrium, with each moment of excitement followed by a moment of calm. The time to catch the next wave is in that moment of calm before it arrives.

5. Enjoy the Ride
This is the only moment guaranteed to any of us, so make the most of it! When leaders look scared or send mixed messages, the fear factor ripples out to the edges of our shared environment! Ultimately, your example isn’t the main thing in influencing people, it is the only thing.” Our work can be, and ought to be, a place for each of us to make a difference, to gain appreciation and to develop ourselves. Finding happiness in what we do is the inevitable result of matching our words to our deeds and our habits to our values.

I look forward to your comments. Do you have your own basic rules for approaching The Art of Change? In future posts I will expand on this foundation for creating positive change in your life.

Be well,

Dr. Rick