Keys to Phone Connection – The Art of Persuasion On The Line

Keys to Phone Connection – The Art of Persuasion On The Line

phoneLike I was saying in my previous post about telephone persuasion, there are 8 identifiable keys to making a connection over the phone.  They are not all necessary with everyone all the time,  but a limited use of several of them can carry your persuasive signals a long way. If you’re after a positive response, let me help you make that connection.  

Today we’ll talk about timing and the value of a name.

Make sure the TIMING is right  

Phones are wonderfully convenient.  They allow us to talk to anyone anywhere from anywhere at any moment in time.  So people come to believe that anytime is the right time.  But it’s not.   The bad result is that there’s always a chance that the timing of your call may not work as well for the person on the other end of the call as it works for you.  And keep in mind that when they tell you it’s a good time, they may be distracted by something else, or saying what they think you want to hear.   So anytime you make a call, you may want your first step to be clearing the call.    “Is this a good time to talk, or would you prefer I call back at another time?”   When the answer comes back yes, you may want to repeat the question, with an added assurance that “I really don’t mind calling back if there’s a better time.”   I’m amazed at how often that second shot at answering the first question gets a different and more productive answer.  Even if your call is based on an appointment, this single step may save you a load of complication.  Make sure the timing is right. 

Use the person’s name to hold ATTENTION. 

People tend to multitask when on a call, so you may not have the full attention of whoever you’ve got on the line.   If you find yourself being asked to repeat yourself, you can hear that as a signal that the person you are talking with is quite possibly distracted.  To break through the clutter that you can’t see, you need a handle on attention.  A person’s name is just such a handle.  And using it with greater frequency should help you to maintain the connection.  But make sure it’s the right name.  Mispronunciation or leaving out a proper title in a repeated name can create alienation instead of connection.  Get the name right, and then use it repeatedly to hold attention.   And remember, a little goes a long way.  You don’t have to say it with every statement or question, that’s just weird and dumb.  Instead, say it at the beginning of changes in the subject matter.  Say it before the most important moments, so that it becomes a signal that you have something valuable to say. 

Speaking of having something valuable to say, I’d love to hear your comments.  I plan to be back with more on this subject in a couple of days.  However, I heard today that something in my personal life may pull me away from the blog at any time over the next few days, in which case I’ll be gone for about a week to ten days.  If I stop blogging, please know that I’ll be back as soon as possible, and, if you’re so moved, send my family your prayers and positive thoughts.

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