How to Speak to the Need: Blending with Need-Style (Part 2)

How to Speak to the Need: Blending with Need-Style (Part 2)


In my last post I shared How to Hear What a Person Needs in their Interactions with You: Blending with Need-Style.

I covered the four communication needs: action, accuracy, approval and appreciation. We talked about how these four needs get communicated through the style or structure by which a person speaks. And there are indicators, when you notice them that allow you to speak to the need.

This post will cover how you can speak to the need for two of the communication needs: action and accuracy.

Action = Get to the point

The person with a need for action will speak directly, and to the point. There’s no mincing of words here, as momentum and movement are of a high priority. “Just do it.” She is likely to speak in a commanding and authoritative manner. Blending reveals that when a person is direct and to the point, you want to be direct and to the point in dealing with her.

Accuracy = Give the details

The person with a need for accuracy will speak indirectly, offer a lot of detail, and take her time before arriving at the point. You may find yourself wondering… about the point of it, but eventually she’ll get there.

“It is, perhaps, potentially important to take into consideration a variety of options and possibilities before drawing a conclusion that might prove erroneous over time. Therefore, after careful consideration, and having thoroughly examined all possibilities, one is left with the idea that perhaps we ought to do it.”

When accuracy is important, she is likely to ask questions to acquire information, or make long statements to establish facts and stimulate thinking. Blending reveals that when a person is indirect and detailed, you want to be indirect and detailed in your communications with her.

Mull this over. Give me your thoughts. Have you encountered these needs? Do you have other ways of communicating powerfully with people with the need for action and accuracy? I’d love to compare notes with you.

Next post, we’ll cover how to speak to the needs of approval and appreciation.

Change your mind. Change your life. Change your world.

Be well,

Dr. Rick

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