Life Skills – How To Flirt On The Phone Pt.2

Life Skills – How To Flirt On The Phone Pt.2

RosePicking up (no pun intended) from my last post, we’re exploring what you can do to turn a phone contact into a personal connection.  I began working on this in response to a request from a regular blog reader.  But the more I got into it, the more into it I got!  I’m actually excited about leaving in a few days, just so I can call home!  

I suspect that some of my geekier friends will benefit from this information, too.  You know who you are.  You spend way too much time on your ‘puters, and all your friends exist on Facebook, none in your actual life.  Time’s a wasting.  Life’s too short to spend it alone staring at words on a screen.  Voice contact can be erotic, deeply connecting, and vibrationally charged.  To help you get busy and get flirting, here are my suggestions

Be A Great Listener

There’s nothing people like better than talking about themselves.  And the people they like best are people who know how to listen.  Whereas in the business environment, sticking with a single topic and following it all the way through allows for the achievement of a result, the opposite holds true when a loving connection is the desired result.  Let an idea turn into a hundred different and only vaguely related ideas!  Making small things into long conversations is a tried and true method for flirting that builds into something wonderful.

Take Your Time

Like with all things romantic, time makes a difference.  Hurry up and you miss it.  Take your time and you can build the energy of it.  Conversations and kisses have a lot in common when it comes to time.   That’s why, even when a topic of conversation reaches its natural end, any idea will do for a next step.  They say variety is the spice of life, and that’s true for scintillating conversation too.   Slow down. You don’t have to talk about everything in the world so fast.  And when the ideas are gone, or the silence grows long, sometimes just sitting and listening to each other breath can build a sense of intimacy and connection better than words can express.  

Demonstrate Empathy

Inevitably, phone calls are interrupted by offline events.  If it happens to the person on the other end of the line, that’s your golden opportunity to demonstrate empathy (a highly desirable trait in a life partner.)  

 “Is everything alright?  Would you like me to call back later?”  Such simple inquiries and offers tell someone that you are interested in them, in their life, and in their well being. 

Make Him/Her Feel Special

If you’re like the average person, then just before the moment when you and another make a love connection, life is pretty average.  Your energy isn’t up or down.  Your mind can be processing a million things at the same time.   But what if you were suddenly to meet the love of your life, and you knew it?   Chances are, your energy would increase dramatically. 

That change in energy is something you can do on purpose to make someone feel special.  The key is timing (and overcoming your intense desire to give that person anything everything good in you at once!) 

Treat that moment when you first start talking on the phone like any other.  Same level of calm, same tone, same everything.  Once you’ve exchanged greetings, slowly but surely,  turn up the charm.  This sends the signal that you are excited to have the conversation.  It creates an increasing sense of warmth that is likely, if you’ve made it this far, to be reciprocated.  

All’s Well That Ends Well
One of the most powerful moments in a flirting conversation is the moment when it ends.  Go too quickly, it may seem like you’re not interested, or wanting to get away.  Make the moment last, linger on it as long as you can, and say out loud how difficult it is to say goodbye.  And never be the first to hang up.  Instead wait until they do.  If you’re lucky, and the person is interested in you, this take quite a bit of time, and in each moment of time that passes, the connection is getting stronger.  

We’re lucky to live in a time where important or fulfilling communication is possible no matter where you are.  The phone line makes the initial phone connection.   But the phone doesn’t build your people connection.  You do.  Click!