How To Be A Facile Facilitator – Introduction

How To Be A Facile Facilitator – Introduction

I’ve been involved in many change processes over the years, from corporate mergers to transitioning governing bodies, to board members and association members grappling with big issues.  It’s one of my favorite kinds of work, because, well, I’m a big believer that ‘all of us are smarter than any of us.’  Facilitating gives me a chance to demonstrate that to whatever group I’m working with.

According to the dictionary, “facilitate” means to make easy or easier. That’s exactly what a good facilitator does, whether it’s coming to a decision, resolving a problem, the idea is that it is easier with a facilitator than it without one.  But not all facilitators are good and not all facilitation makes things easier!

If you’re ever called on to facilitate a meeting of others, you may be wondering what the most valuable actions you can take as a facilitator to get the best possible results while making the process easier on yourself and on the group.

My next few posts will provide a few easy pieces for facile facilitators.  Why easy?  Because effective facilitation isn’t rocket science.  A great facilitator keeps the focus of the meeting off of themself and on the participants at every step of the process, because group ownership of the meeting is essential for the best possible results.  Do a few things well, and your group will be well served by your facilitation.

I’d love to hear your facilitator stories, feedback from facilitated sessions, or any other comment or question you might have on the subject!

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