Happy New Year from Dr. K’s Blog

Happy New Year from Dr. K’s Blog


A big THANKS for reading my blog in 2008! It’s been a real pleasure writing to you and for you,

and all the writing actually helped me get my next book done.  Which, by the way,  I did!  I met so many terrific people in 2008, and had the opportunity to do work that drew me out creatively.  I partnered with several people for specific projects, some of whom delivered on their promised results, and some of whom delivered lessons I’ll value forever.   I got to work with the local government in my own town, and in places as far away as Trinidad.  I reconnected with people I haven’t talked with in years, rekindled relationships that had begun to fade,  and made new friends who I believe will be friends for life.  So many times, I felt as if I’ve been kissed by the divine. 

Meanwhile, this was a year of loss for many. People I know have lost jobs, homes, businesses, and money they worked hard to save for their retirement.  This was a year when some of our closest friends have faced health challenges.  It was a hard year for our parents, who have also had their struggles with health.  These difficulties have served to remind me that life is fragile, that time is fleeting, and that there’s no time to take anyone or anything that we value for granted.  

I like to end each year with a review of what’s gone before.  Yet I define my life, not by where I’ve been, but by what I can do creatively in the empty space of the unknown that is in front of me.  And  I have big plans for you in the coming year, including affordable teleseminars, a podcast radio series and more. So stick with me, please keep reading my blog, and comment when you can.  Your comments, as I’ve said so many times, are truly appreciated.

Here’s to a fantastic New Year’s Day and an amazing New Year for you and yours. In spite of appearances (economy in shambles, world going crazy, etc. etc.), I’m thinking things are looking up for those of us committed to changing things for the better!   The advice I’m offering and following for the road ahead:  Be flexible and responsive, pay attention for opportunity, attend to your energy and fill yourself with encouragement, trust in your own ability, and all good things will come your way.  

May your road be clear, your relationships fulfilling and your prospects exciting in 2009!


P.S.  I think it’s a great idea to go into this new year remembering that we all do better as individuals when we help each other out.  Here’s a website called Changefor20.com that delivers on an interesting premise:   You can change the world for $20 at a time!