Generating Change With Self Persuasion

Generating Change With Self Persuasion

Continuing with this week’s theme of self persuasion…

Ok, bear with me.  This seems a little tweaky if you read it too fast, but take your time and you’ll get the sense of it.  It seems to me that many people, especially in the widespread fear of current economic conditions and the uncertainty connected to it, operate on the idea that if they have what they need, then they can do what they need to do, and be the way they want to be. But years ago, one of my teachers taught me to reverse this. I learned to be the way I want to be, right now, then do what a person like that does, and then have, as a result, what people like that have.So for the person concerned about having money or a job, the place to begin is with being someone who finds great jobs and gets hired, then do what such a person does (this about action!) and the result that the money and job will naturally follow. It’s not magic. But it is more effective than fearfully searching for a job while telling yourself you are underqualified, or overqualified, or all the good ones are taken, or you’re somehow not worthy.

Start from the inside, work your way out into the world around you. Holding a strong focus is all about persuading yourself, on a regular basis, that what you desire to have happen is already taking place. Anyone who has ever exercised the simple discipline of affirming a desired outcome on a daily basis for a protracted period of time can tell you of the powerful side effects of doing so. It’s a constant reminder. It allows for growing clarity. It inspires and motivates. The more you do it, the more powerful it seems to be.

You still have to do the work. You still have to take action. But holding that strong focus is what keeps your momentum going. I’m holding a strong focus this year. How about you? Your comments are always welcome.

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