For Successful Masterminding – First, A Big Clear Outcome

For Successful Masterminding – First, A Big Clear Outcome

BmanBkgrd_3 I’m blogging about Mastermind Groups, and how to create and sustain them for maximum success.

The big objective for each member of the group is to come with a clear objective.  Yet perhaps the biggest challenge in this time of time-pressured lives, is fulfilling the objective of finding a regular meeting time.  But here’s a way to handle it that keeps everyone moving forward (mostly) together: Whoever misses a meeting gets the main say in scheduling the next meeting!

So now you’re all together.  What can you do to increase the sense of ‘us’ in which the mastermind can present itself?  Begin by setting the table with a little something to eat and drink, and an update from each group member that places the emphasis on what is working instead of what isn’t working. Then, it’s time to put something to mastermind in front of the group.

A BIG Clear Outcome.
As I say in all matters of communication and persuasion, begin with the end in mind.  What is your desired state? What do you want the mastermind to focus on making happen?  A big clear outcome doesn’t have to have a plan attached.  It just means you’ve picked a specific target for your masterminding that’s big enough to call you forward.

An outcome is clear if it has no ambiguous terms, is concisely stated in a couple of sentences, and is pegged to a specific moment in the future.  The more specific you are, the better the result.

Yet if it’s clear to you, that doesn’t mean you will be clear expressing it to others.  So write it down, short and simple.  Do this so that you give it thought ahead of time and have it fixed clearly in your mind when you share it with the group.  This saves group time by informing you, so you know exactly what you mean to say. And because you’re clear about what you want,  you make it easier for everyone else in the group to see in their mind what you see in yours.

Consider this.    “I want to earn more money.”

The problem with “I want to earn more money”  is that nobody knows what ‘more’ means.  A penny is more money than nothing.  Two pennies is more than one.

Here’s another. “I want a successful business.”

The problem is, nobody knows what you mean by success.   One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and your definition of success may be another person’s definition of failure or visa versa!

Without a clear target, it’s hard to know if you’ve even come close.  So dial it in before sharing it:  “I want to increase my income by an additional $2000 per month, starting in 90 days from today.” Or, “I want to increase my customer base by 40% as of the 3rd quarter of next year.”

Notice the time frames?   Assigning a date to your outcome will influence the way people in your mastermind group think about it.  Compare how you think about doing something in a week, a month, 3 months, a year, or someday.

Remember me telling you that you need a group committed to being extraordinary?  That means you need a big outcome in mind, not some piddly thing that doesn’t mean anything to you.  To go for success, you need a big desired state that requires you to stretch in order to achieve it.

Think of it this way:  You wouldn’t drive your car with the brakes on, or approach planning a 20 mile trip 100 feet at a time.  And you can’t leverage a Mastermind group with tiny or bashful thoughts.  Outcomes are about what you really want, not what you think you can have.  If your Mastermind group is a good one, you don’t have to worry about anyone putting down your desired state or making fun of you for having such a big idea.  With the right people involved, big ideas are thrilling, because they are rich with possibility.

Now, maybe you don’t always have something in mind.  I’ve had it happen that I got my big idea to happen, took all the actions and then some, and arrived at a place where I felt like resting on my laurels for awhile. And that’s okay.  Not everyone needs to take a turn in every meeting.  Some people are more ready than others at each meeting.  Still it’s useful to bring an outcome just to get your mind in the game for the sake of the rest of your group.

Here’s a big outcome for you.  Your comments and feedback are welcome, and I’d really like to get 100 of them! Any ideas on how we can make that happen?

Be well,

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