Dr. K’s article about Know It Alls Featured on Cincom Expert Access

Dr. K’s article about Know It Alls Featured on Cincom Expert Access

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If you’ve yet to visit Cincom Expert Access website, which offers ideas, insights and inspiration for business, may I recommend that you do so immediately?   With a top notch roster of contributors, this site is a tremendous resource to anyone in management, human resources, customer service or small business ownership.

My article on dealing with Know it Alls and Think They Know it Alls is one of the featured articles right now, and you can read it here. And while you’re on the Cincom site, you might also want to take in one of my favorite articles, written by my friend and fellow blogger J.D. Meier, ‘the Top 10 Lessons Learned from Bruce Lee, for Business and for Life’. You’ll find it here.

In other news:

As you may have guessed, I’m a bit of a geek and fan of genius (mostly Apple) technology.  I watch the emerging tech closely, and read everything I can get my hands and eyeballs on whenever I’ve got the time.  I’ve even provided technical support to anywhere from 20 to 50 people a year (close friends and family) since 1986.  At the urging of people in my circle of communities, and because I derive so much pleasure from paying attention to the relationship to and impact of technology on the human condition,  I occasionally post articles on my blog on this topic.

Well, something new is about to begin and I want to mark the moment here.  Apple begins taking orders for the marvellous new iPad tomorrow.  I’m truly excited, and can’t wait to see one of my books on it.

Are you going to get one?  Two?  What do you think about this new device?  Gadget?  Must have?  Your comments and feedback are welcome!

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