Are You a Change Artist?

Are You a Change Artist?

March 14, 2008 Dr. Rick's Blog Archive Persuasion 0

The biggest changes for the better are almost never the result of big events. I’m convinced that the biggest and best changes in our lives happen because of small changes that result when individuals take one small step forward.  The side effects of small steps forward is that everything around that step responds to it, and all of that adds up to some big big (positive) changes for the better.

And I call people who actively seek that next small step forward, ‘Change Artists.’ 

 Ashland Rainbow, by Dr. Rick Kirschner
It doesn’t matter what the arena is.  It doesn’t matter what the interest is.  It doesn’t even matter what the problem is. 

What matters is, where do you want to go, and what is one small step forward that you can take in order to get there.  To create positive change.  And the beauty of life is there is always a next step.   How is it possible to find that small step forward?  Well, change artists do it by asking themselves ‘What if? and ‘What, then?’ questions. 
Change artists start with the really big What If’s, and work their way back to the details of their own lives.  For example:

  • What if the only way we experience happiness in life is when we are making a positive difference, actively making our world better in some small way?  What then is the small way in which I can make a difference today?
  • What if we are actually designed to change our world for the better?  What if the only way our relationships can really thrive is if we are changing them for the better? 
  • What, then is the next step in making my relationships better today?  What if the future depends on this? 
  • What if the only hope humanity has to survive depends on individuals like myself finding the next small step forward towards a better future for myself and the people I care about? 
  • What, then, is my next small step towards a better future?

What if anything is possible, and all that’s required of any of us is to be true to ourselves and find our next small step forward?   What, then, is my next step forward in my life?
What if it’s possible that I’m in the best possible position to influence this outcome? What, then, is the next step towards making that happen?

– What if I can find that next small step?  What, then is the next step towards making that happen?

– What if I can change anything for the better, because everything is possible to the person who takes the initiative?  What, then, do I want to change for the better?  What, then, is my next small step?

Have a wonderful weekend. I wish you many small changes!

Dr. Rick