BONUS POST: How To Celebrate A Wedding Anniversary When Traveling

BONUS POST: How To Celebrate A Wedding Anniversary When Traveling

Today is my wedding anniversary.  I’ve been in love with my sweet Lindea for 22 years, and married for 20.  Yet today is also the day when I leave town for another 10 days.  YOIKS!  How can a person who travels celebrate life cycle events like this?

Well, the first thing we had to learn was that no distance is too far if you know where to look for your connection (hint:  It’s the heart!)  And second, it’s not about time spent, it’s about love shared, and that can happen no matter what time it is, because love is timeless.

This morning, we traded cards (her card touched my heart, and mine touched hers), took a lovely early morning walk in the forest near our house, shared a simple breakfast and talked about such mundane things that neither of us will remember the content tomorrow.  And I loved every moment of it.

Now I’m doing last minute packing stuff, then off to the airport.  I don’t take my time with her for granted, because none of us has any guarantees that there will be more.   Instead, I’m celebrating how connected I feel and how lucky I am to have this amazing girl in my life.  Everywhere I go today, I’ll fight back the urge to tell each person about her, but the look in my eyes and my satisfied smile will give it away to anyone paying even a little attention.

What will I celebrate?  That I found her.  That she’s tolerant of my shortcomings, rejoices in my success, always gives me an honest answer when I ask for feedback.  That she reminds me to take care of myself when I’m being pulled a hundred different directions.  That she is patient with me when I dawdle, waiting for me when I get home, that she has a laugh more lovely than any song I’ve ever heard, a smile that lights me up head to toe, and the glowing twinkle in her eyes that, with only a glance, can melt me down into a bundle of wordless bliss.  I can take all of this on a plane, because there’s no limit to how much love you carry on with you.  And when I get to the hotel, I can set up my iPad as a photo frame, and watch the many moments of our life captured with cameras unfold before my eyes.

I remember what my Aunt Ray told me that day in Atlanta, so many years ago.  I was lonely, and feeling desperate that I’d never find love again.  She said, “Honey, every pot has a lid.”  Well, she was right, I found mine and what a difference that has made in my life.

Happy Anniversary to you, sweetheart, if you’re reading this today. 20 joyful years!!!   Here’s to the next 20!!  May our happiness add to the happiness of the world, today and every day!