The Power of Positive Change

The Power of Positive Change


It’s not our methods for managing change.
It’s the way we approach it that’s a little strange.
Seek to fix yesterday rather than build tomorrow.
Fixate on control to your continual sorrow.
If work takes you backwards, eventually
You’d rather eat popcorn and watch TV.

We’ve got to change way we change.
We need an approach that carries through.
Change artists are needed.
Can you find the change artist in you?

Here, then, is the secret to the ART of Change.
Change the R to a C and expand your range.
ACT is an acronym for ART of this type.
Appreciation. Creativity. Teamship. Not hype.

APPRECIATE that this is a moment that’s real.
Begin where you are, no matter how you feel.
Life can always be better, life can always be verse
But life is easier to live as a blessing than a curse
Difficult or easy, big events and small
Decide to be grateful for them all

Then be CREATIVE. You don’t have to try.
You were, are and will be until the day you die.
Build the bridges and destroy the walls.
Let this be your reputation if momentum stalls.

Then get in the TEAMSHIP, in it together.
Whether It’s clear sailing or nasty weather.
Teamship multiplies your power,
You know it is thus!
Many hands make light work.
And we’re all smarter than any of us.

The future is open. Your mission is clear.
The time is now, the place is here.
You can change anything, make no mistake
Go from bad to good and from good to great.

Change artists are needed. I believe you are one.
The secret is to ACT, and then to have FUN.
Let’s roll, let’s get to it, and create today
for a better tomorrow, what do you say?

Be well,

Dr. Rick

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