Communication Tune Up Teleseminar Series

Communication Tune Up Teleseminar Series

From time to time I hold teleseminars to dig deeper into The Art of Change communication challenges that I hear about from my clients and client organizations.

It is my pleasure to invite you, my blog reader, to join me for the Communication Tune Up teleseminar series coming up at the end of July.

The five session Teleseminar series begins on July 29th, 12:00pm PST, 3:00pm EST, 8:00pm London time. With limited space available, it’s first come first serve. Join me in this series of one hour training sessions spread out over two months, as I break the greatest challenges of communication into just five easy-to-learn pieces, and then help you upgrade your skills and abilities to deal with them.

Advantages of Teletraining

Teleseminars are the next wave in training, and offer many advantages for people ready to learn. There is no travel required. No parking or meals. No traffic. Just you and your phone. And each session is recorded, so you can review it at a later date or catch up if you somehow miss the call. And teletraining allows me to work with a group over time, to provide a more personalized and in-depth training experience for each participant than seminars and workshops allow. With action guides and follow up activity, with private forums for discussion, and a private email address to send me questions, this form of training provides the best value per training dollar invested.

Free Preview, and Great Bonuses Too!

To learn more about session topics, about the registration bonuses, about the remaining teleseminar free previews, and to register for the series, visit

Join us! The world is changing all around you. Here’s a chance to upgrade your ability to influence that change. When all is said and done, I guarantee that you will gain a real upgrade in your ability to work with, delegate to and win the hearts, hands and minds of others through the art of persuasion.