How Saying NO to the fear is Saying YES to the FUTURE!

How Saying NO to the fear is Saying YES to the FUTURE!

fearorhopeCan you feel it?  Not the hope…the FEAR!  

 Just when you think things are turning a corner, it turns out there’s a possible pandemic around that very corner.  (I don’t think so.)   Just when you think the economy is turning up, the numbers are hyped that show it’s turning down. (I don’t think so.)    Corporate collapse and economic disaster (Yep, but old news).  Global warming (Yes, but solar cooling, too!)  North Korea, Iran and nuclear weapons (yes, terrifying possibility, but I don’t rule out the unpredictable turn of events)  Terrorists taking over countries (I doubt they can, and if they do, they can’t govern).  Domestic craziness on the rise. (Yep.  Drugs and fear will do that to people.)  HOLY SMOKES!

I can’t help but appreciate on a much deeper level that candidate Barack Obama chose the word ‘audacity,’ to highlight his Presidential hope for the country and the future. 

The whole world often seems filled with fear, but it’s not really.  The disease, dying, hatred and stupidity is only the dark side of the situation.  Our world is also is filled with love, laughter, birth, and innovation. Most people are decent people who want good things to happen, for themselves and for their loved ones. Basic prevention will protect you from a good deal of disease and early demise, and if you focus with healthy behaviors on getting your health and body back, you probably will.  And there’s a lot of great stuff happening near you, in your town, your state and country and in our world.  

It just seems filled with fear because fear is still the newsmedia’s best idea for getting what’s left of your fragmented attention in order to sell advertising.  And it’s not just mainstream news doing this, either.  The alternative press, the blogosphere, cable and satellite, they’re all selling fear.  The conspiracy nuts are having a field day, the extremists are calling it ‘recruiting time.’  Nazis in a nearby town, nutsos on the radio and TV, cranks and crackpots writing columns and anonymous curmudgeons dominating newspaper message boards.  

The audacity of hope is just what we need right now.  Audacity indeed.   The word means fearless daring, a bold or insolent heedlessness of restraints, as of those imposed by prudence, propriety, or convention.  That’s exactly what is needed in these early days of spring, 2009.  Because convention isn’t working, propriety is an illusion, and prudence got tossed out the window by the scalliwags who made off with our national wealth, reputation and ideals long before Obama came to power.  

Audacity of hope. I’ve got it.  I suggest you have it too.  Set an example for the people around you with it.  Model it for your kids.  Tweet about it.  Get THAT word, audacity, out and about.   Because YES is where the future comes from, and YES everything is different now.  YES because everything always has been different, because change is the underlying constant of our universe, and YES that didn’t stop us before and it won’t stop us now.  

I’m finding two kinds of people that want to talk these days.  Complainers, Waiters and Adventurers. I’m preferring the latter, and advising the former to stop complaining, because it isn’t helping them, and the ones in between are too busy trying to survive to stop and talk about anything other than, “Can I get you a drink?”   I’m telling the Complainers that,  instead of being an energy drain in this world, they can be an energy source, either by changing gears or walking away.  

And the adventurers are telling me that their game plan is to be happy and excited in spite of everything.   They have confidence for no damn reason. They’re having fun. They are making their moment count.  And they remind the people around them, through word and deed and example, be courageous. Be outrageous. Be yourself.

The media, at some point, is going to realize that all the graphics and audio video effect lead ins they can come up with aren’t going to hold attention much longer, because the fear receptors they are targeted at are exhausted.   They are in the business of crying wolf, and we all know how that story goes.  At some point, nobody believes them anymore.  That’s a bad business model for people whose industry is meant to inform.  

At some point, I have the audacity to hope that all the shouting and arguing and name calling and promotion of panic that they excel at is going to collapse on them.  They’re either going to be the next industry that goes the way of the auto industry, where doing what doesn’t work simply because they just don’t get it finally catches up to them, or they’re going to quit entertaining us with fear and start informing us on the other parts of the big picture that show how the world is changing, rearranging, and adapting to a new century, to new opportunities, to a new chance to create an alternative vision instead of an apolyptic one.  This shouldn’t all fall on President Obama’s shoulders.  Their is more in heaven and earth than is dreamed of in the media model.  Time they looked up, looked around and noticed that.  

Ok, as for you, I’ve got the audacity to tell you what you need to tell yourself so that these aren’t dark days but exciting ones.  Because telling yourself that you are a victim of circumstance weakens you.   So let it go.  You have a choice to make, right now.   Say no to fear and yes to your future, or say yes to fear and no to your future.  

If you make the positive choice enough times in a row, you’ll have a new habit. I repeat.  JUST SAY NO TO FEAR. No fear today. No fear here. Not now.  YES to your future. Yes to your creativity. YES to being delightfully surprised.  YES to being generous because YES you have faith in yourself and in the future. Be helpful. Be smart. Be focused on what you want instead of what you don’t want. 

The big ‘get’ in my life was and is this. Here I am. This is it and I am satisfied.  What’s next?

If I die a moment from now, my life won’t be defined by anything other than how I lived my life RIGHT NOW.  That’s it. That’s that. That is THE choice.  The choice between being the effect of outside causes, or the cause of outside effects.   

Say YES to yourself. Say YES to your loved ones. Find a reason to say YES to anything that empowers anyone, you or anyone else.  Be happy for the success of anyone, you or anyone else. Be interested in the success of anyone, you or anyone else, in any way at any time. Fill yourself up with what lifts you up, instead of holding yourself down with what drags you down, or holding yourself back with what keeps you back in the past.

That’s my advice.  I know it’s hard to hear this kind of advice when you’re in a dark place, so you’ll have to take my word for it when I tell you that you’re not in a dark place.  This is me lighting a candle.  Take it from me.  

Now, talk to me.  What opportunities are you finding?  Where are you letting go of what doesn’t work?
I’d love some comment love.

Be well,